Everyone is Playing Titanfall and I’m Just Sitting Here Giving Nintendo More Money.


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A Long Overdue Romp with a Great RPG, and Another with the Most Heartbreaking Game in the History of Gaming.


Hey guys, long time no post! I’ve been pretty busy writing for What’s Your Tag? lately and haven’t had much to update about over here, but I’ve recently played through a few games in my backlog that aren’t new enough to warrant reviews over there. Continue reading

Project Diva GOTY? My Buddy OnlyElisha Thinks So.

elishacomicWe like to jab back and forth about what bad games the other person likes to play, so this was pretty fitting to our GOTY conversation.

You can check out more of his artwork through his DeviantArt account. He also has a comic posted every other month or so through Twelve Gates Manga, so give them a look as well.


Crimson Dragon & Killer Instinct Reviewed + Pre-emptive Strike! – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag + Xbox One Thoughts


What’s up, gamers? I know there has been a lack of content around here lately, but that’s mostly due in part to me contributing content to What’s Your Tag? instead of focusing on Cheap Boss Attack.

With the next generation of gaming upon us, I want to be a part of something that celebrates this from all angles, and that’s pretty difficult when it’s just me here. I’m still here at Cheap Boss Attack to rant about games and talk about World of Warcraft, but any sort of current-gen review or Xbox-related news is going to be posted over there instead, under my gamertag AMGfail.

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REVIEW – Ryse: Son of Rome *RE-BLOG* + Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon footage.

I know I usually toss my reviews up here on my own blog, but I’ve decided to do some reviews for my buddies over at What’s Your Tag? this year. If you’re curious as to what I thought about Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One, including gameplay footage I recorded for the review, head on over to WYT? and check it out!

If you haven’t been following them, I definitely suggest doing so as well, especially if you’re an Xbox fan. Lots of fun gaming bro-op stuff, an on-going webcomic, nerd wars polls, etc.. I’ve been following their blog almost two years now and they’re some good people.

In other news, I’ve been playing the hell out of Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon and Peggle 2 on the Xbox One. I was addicted to Peggle back when the add-on came out for World of Warcraft. I’d spend hours on Peggle waiting for dungeon queues to pop and some nights I’d log in *just* to play Peggle while chatting with guildies. Peggle 2 is only $12 and worth every penny, IMO.

I’m honestly surprised by just how good Killer Instinct is. I spent a few hours with it yesterday and my fingers are sore.. and that’s a good thing. I haven’t had sore fingers like this since Street Fighter IV initially released! Even with a small roster, everyone feels finely tuned and well balanced. You honestly can’t ask for more in a competitive fighting game. Small roster is also being expanded in January with the addition of Spinal, and a teaser trailer was shown last year in November announcing Fulgore for a March release.

Killer Instinct also contains one of the best-yet-most-brutal training modes in “Dojo”, teaching you everything from the importance of recognizing hit-boxes, executing cross-ups, throwing before hitstuns and linking together huge combos. I recorded some footage of me doing two of the more insane combos needed to earn the Black Belt achievement and I’ll link them below (the last one took at least 45 minutes of constant attempts). The fact that one of the combos are so long that the input list has to scroll down while you catch up should say a lot.

Here is one of the earlier combos needed..

And here is the final combo. You see me miss the very last part of it at first.

I also recorded a short clip of Crimson Dragon, the spiritual successor of the Panzer Dragoon series and a $20 download title for the Xbox One. Despite the poor reviews, I’m having a lot of fun with it. I agree that the camera could use some work, especially during free-flight boss fights, but leveling and evolving dragons has yet to get old.

Achievement 32,000 – “Step Right This Way!”, Ryse: Son of Rome.

xbox32000achievementXbox.com isn’t showing the achievement list for Xbox One games, so pretend I posted a sweet picture of it instead of this text. Such achievement. Much game. So Roman.

For what it’s worth, the achievement is for luring an enemy in to a trap in multiplayer. Such danger. So death. Much fire.


Get the unreleased Darkshoulder Chaos dragon now for buying Crimson Dragon on Xbox One.


Below is a little video I recorded with the Upload Studio on Xbox One, while sharing it with the SkyDrive app. For buying Crimson Dragon close to its release date, you’ll receive a timed achievement and an exclusive Darkshoulder Chaos dragon that is not available any other way.

Darkshoulder Chaos is a high-armor/low-mobility dragon that deals a ridiculous amount of damage under the Void element. It’s nice to be able to muscle through small packs of hornets instead of sweating over barrel rolls or picking a fast dragon with lower damage output.

The video shows its main attack, neat black and purple shadowy texture model and it’s dual attack when using a wingman.