Trophy Hunting – Unlocking “Oblivion Walker” in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Unlocking trophies in Skyrim is pretty straightforward, but this trophy is giving players the biggest headache on their way to a platinum. Being the only missable trophy in the game, I wanted to outline how to earn all 15 Daedric Artifacts and also make everyone aware that 2 of the artifacts listed in the official strategy guide don’t actually count toward the trophy at all. Since my girlfriend and I actually unlocked this trophy during our playthrough, I figured my experience was good enough to explain how not to screw this one up.

First things first, even though the official guide lists them as Daedric Artifacts, the Skeleton Key from the Thieves Guild quest chain and the Ring of Hircine reward from the Savior’s Hide quest chain do not count toward the trophy. There are 15 quests overall and each one rewards you with an artifact if you make the correct choices.

Secondly, it’s fair to mention that has a guide listed in their roadmap that we used to unlock our trophy and the guide I used to fine tune this post, so it’s definitely worth checking them out as well. If you’re a PS3 trophy hunter and you haven’t used the site, shame on you! I know I’m mentioning PS3 specifically, but this guide works across all platforms.

Mace of Molag Bal

  • To pick up the House of Horrors quest in Markarth, you must walk passed the abandoned house after you have exited and re-entered the city. A guard will stop you and ask for your help. Follow through the quest chain to obtain the mace as it’s pretty straight forward.


  • West of Solitude is the Statue of Merida where you can start the Break of Dawn quest chain. Again, it’s pretty straightforward so just follow it through until the end.


  • Between Markarth and Solitude is a mountain top with the Shrine to Peryite. Start The Only Cure quest and follow it through until the end. No choices to make here.

Sanguine’s Rose

  • This one can be a bit tricky to start since you have to be at one of the many inns or taverns in Skyrim. At random, you’ll run in to an NPC named Sam Guevenne who will challenge you to a drinking contest. Accept his challenge and chug chug chug! You’ll black out and wake up in some weird area just like in real life. Follow the quest through until the end.

Azura’s Star/The Black Star

  • South of Winterhold at the top of the largest mountain is Azura’s Shrine. Start The Black Star quest chain and in the end you can choose The Black Star or Azura’s Star. Both count toward the trophy but The Black Star is a much better choice. The difference between the two is this – Both act as a refillable soul gem. Azura’s Star will only let you collect human souls while The Black Star allows you to collect any soul up to Grand status.


  • Wandering around Solitude is a man with black eyes named Derevin. He will give you The Mind of Madness quest chain which is pretty odd and requires a different strategy than the normal quests. You’ll obtain an item called The Wabbajack which reacts at random when you shoot it at different things. You’ll need to complete three objectives in a dream-like world by using the Wabbajack to change the outcome of various visions in the mind of Pelagius. The order is your choice, but for the arena vision, Wabbajack the bodyguards. For the fist fight, Wabbajack Pelagius twice and then use it on the enemy once. For the dream sequence, Wabbajack Pelagius first, then the wolf, then the goat, then the bandit, then Pelagius, then the Hagraven, then Pelagius, then the Flame Atronach and finally the Dragon Priest. If any of your quest NPCs die from the attackers, you have to start over. Once you’re done, you’re given the Wabbajack to do.. whatever it is the Wabbajack does.

Mehrune’s Razor (MISSABLE)

  • At some point in the game while you’re in one of the 9 cities, you’ll be approached by a courier with a message to visit a meuseum in Dawnstar. Visit it to start the Pieces of the Past quest chain and collect the 3 required pieces of the sword. In order to get Mehrune’s Razor you MUST kill Silus at the end.

Savior’s Hide (MISSABLE)

  • In the basement of the Falkreath Barracks is a man named Sinding who happens to be a werewolf. He’ll give you his cursed ring and you’ll start the quest chain Ill Met by Moonlight. At the end, you must kill Sinding in order to obtain the Savior’s Hide as the Ring of Hircine does not count toward the trophy by itself. Some players are reporting that you can get both items by killing the Hunters first to keep the ring and then going back to kill Sinding for the Savior’s Hide, but I’m not sure if both count toward the trophy.

Masque of Clavicus Vile (MISSABLE)

  • Enter Falkreath through the front gate and a guard will mention that the blacksmith’s dog is missing. Speak to the blacksmith and then go outside of town to find the dog. Finding the dog starts A Daedra’s Best Friend which requires you to find The Rueful Axe. At the end of the quest chain you are given the option to kill the dog and keep the axe or to not kill the dog, which is what you need to do. Not killing the dog awards you with the artifact.

Oghma Infinium

  • During the main quest you’ll have to meet up with Septimus Sigmus to retreive the Elder Scrolls, but you’ll also receive a quest called Discearning the Transmundane which is the artifact chain. Bringing the imprint of the Elder Scroll back to Septimus starts the second part of the chain which requires various blood samples earned by killing and looting the required enemies. Bringing the samples back to Septimus and ending the chain grants you the Oghma Infinium book which, when used, will grant 5 levels to various skills depending on which of the 3 choices you make.
  • Path of Might grants 5 levels to Smithing, Heavy Armor, Blocking, Two-handed, One-handed & Archery.
  • Path of Shadows grants 5 levels to Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Speech & Alchemy.
  • Path of Magic grants 5 levels to Illusion, Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration, Alteration and Enchanting.

Ebony Mail

  • Once you reach level 30 you can head east of Windhelm to find the Sacellum of Boethiah. There will be a cult there fighting each other with a female leader who will approach you and give you the Boethiah’s Calling quest chain. You’ll be required to bring a companion (either a friendly companion or by paying one of the others available) back to the shrine and sacrifice them by talking to them and selecting “I need you to do something.” Select the Pillar of Sacrifice and once they’re trapped you can slay them to complete the quest. After all is said and done, the tribe turns on each other and you can either run or kill everyone.

Skull of Corruption (MISSABLE)

  • Go to Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar and speak to Erandur to start the Waking Nightmare quest chain. At the end of the quest chain, you must kill Erandur during his ritual before he completes it or else he destroys the Skull of Corruption.

Ring of Namira (MISSABLE)

  • Go in to the Understone Keep in Markarth and talk to the priest, Verulus, who asks you to investigate the Hall of the Dead. Do so and you’ll be approached by Eola who requests your help. Agree to assist her or you’ll miss the opportunity for this quest and its artifact. At the end of the quest chain, you must choose to lure Verulus back to the altar, kill him and choose to eat his corpse. Momma didn’t raise no bitch, so get to work.


  • Southwest of Riften is an Orc camp called Largashblur which is being attacked by giants. Once the giants are dead, speak to Atub who gives you a quest to bring back Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart. DO NOT ATTACK THE ORCS! Bring the ingredients back to the camp and follow the quest through until the end. Eventually Yamarz will provoke you and you’ll have no choice but to kill him. Volendrug will be placed on the shrine in the center of camp afterwards, so don’t forget to pick it up.

Ebony Blade

  • This quest chain is not available until you have completed the main storyline. If you have started the Civil War quest chain and sided with the Stormcloaks, you can still pick up this quest by finding the old Jarl in the basement of the Blue Palace in Solitude (thank you PS3trophies). Inside the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, ask the bartender about rumors until they mention something about the Jarl’s son. Return back to the Jarl and mention the rumor and he’ll ask you to talk to his son. His son will give you The Whispering Door quest chain which is very short and straightforward, requiring you to obtain the basement key by pickpocketing the Jarl or Farengar.. or you can kill Farengar in his sleep, which is a lot more fun.

Following this guide should net you Oblivion Walker, but you cannot complete every quest until you have completed the main storyline and are at least level 32 for some of them. If you head over to one of these locations and there aren’t enemies there, chances are you’re too low of level. Boethiah’s Calling, for example, requires level 30 to start the quest but the camp you need to find will not be populated until you’re level 32. Weird, I know.

Either way, big thanks to as I lived on their forums going for this trophy. Also thanks to my girlfriend who did half of these quests. Hopefully this helps.

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