Duke Nukem Forever finally cheap enough to buy.

If anyone out there was hesitant to pick up Duke Nukem Forever when it released earlier this year, Gamestop is selling new copies for $9.99 and used copies for around $8.00 for a limited time.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fanboy for Duke Nukem. There. I said it. I’ve given every one a fair shot – from the original side scroller back on the PC to the terrible third-person shooter “Time to Kill” on the PSone – and I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them. To me, they were watered down versions of other games and put way too much emphasis on one-liners, pop culture references and boobs.. but I always understood the novelty of the series. I never went in expecting to play the best game in the world so the disappointment was always easier to swallow.

Anyway, I was in the local Gamestop yesterday to pick up a copy of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for PS3 and saw Duke Nukem Forever in the bargain bin for $8.00. Curiosity got the best of me so I picked it up at the sale price figuring that if it really was as bad as the reviews made it out to be, I was sure that I would at least get $8 worth of enjoyment out of it. I’m an achievement/trophy whore after all, so I’ve definitely played worse.. King Kong, Avatar: the Last Airbender or Backyard Football anyone? But every so often, one of those bargain bin titles that I expected to suck really surprised me like The Darkness & Clive Barker’s Jericho did on the 360. They weren’t stellar by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed playing them enough to warrant the price tag.

I can honestly say that Duke Nukem Forever is one of those games.. so far. There are a lot of fun trophies to unlock and a few not-so-fun ones, but the variety is pretty nice. It’s not the best shooter in the world, but Duke has never been about being top of the line either. Playing Duke Nukem is like eating fast food instead of going to a fancy restaurant.. it’s a cheaper version of a more expensive meal, but you’ll leave full and sometimes even feeling satisfied with the service. I don’t go to Taco Bell expecting quality food. I go expecting to eat for around $4 and leave full with a rapid case of bubble guts and that’s what I get every single time. Any reviewer who went in to DNF thinking it was going to alter the future of gaming forever had ridiculous expectations, bottom line, but that’s easier for me to say since I didn’t pay the full $60 price tag.

I’m not really giving Duke Nukem Forever a solid review here. After all, I haven’t beaten it nor have I unlocked a majority of the trophies, but from what I’ve played I’ve enjoyed. The graphics aren’t spectacular but they’re fine for what it is, the one-liners and pop culture references are in full force and I got to throw a turd at the wall within 2 minutes of starting the game. For $8, I’d say it’s well worth it.


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