Random ramblings about literacy, non-profit organizations and “grumming”.

Last night, somewhere between inventing the word “grumming” – a mix of grunting and humming – and contemplating a petition to change the name of our fair city from Glen Burnie to Glen Danzig, I decided that I wanted to read The Thief of Always by Clive Barker as a break from all of the Cherie Priest novels I’ve been consuming. I’m an avid gamer, but I’m a bookworm as well.

The Thief of Always is a “young adult” book, although I loathe the term, by one of the masters of horror, Clive Barker. You may have heard of films by the name of Hellraiser and Candyman or maybe a mediocre video game called Jericho? Yeah, that’s the guy. He’s brilliant.

Anyway, The Thief of Always is about a young boy whose life is as exciting as a Zynga game on Facebook until he’s eventually lead to a creepy house in the middle of nowhere by a goblin looking man who you question to be a pedophile until you remember it’s a “young adult” book. Ahem. All sorts of oddities play out in typical Barker fashion while the pages are scribbled with tons and tons of Clive Barker’s own illustrations that could easily form their own independent comic book, appeasing fans of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and other black and white artists.

Thankfully, I picked up a copy of The Thief of Always for free from The Book Thing of Baltimore a few weeks ago so I brought it with me to work today since Saturday is usually quite slow around the office. It’s a short read and I’ll probably finish it before I get out of here at 6:00pm.

While I’m on the subject of The Book Thing of Baltimore, I figure it’s a good time to spread the word to all three of you actually reading this. TBToB is a non-profit organization in Baltimore that accepts book donations and allows anyone to come in to their store and take any books they want.. for free. That’s right. Free. Anyone living in the Maryland area with an interest in literacy should check them out on the weekends (which is the only time they’re open) from 9am until 6pm. Cheap Boss Attack isn’t affiliated with them in any way, but we do love our sweet city of Baltimore and, of course, literacy.


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