Pre-order Lollipop Chainsaw at Gamestop and get a free Ash costume from Evil Dead! Best. Preorder Bonus. Ever!

I usually pre-order games anyway, but when they have some really sexy pre-order bonuses I get even more stoked for the actual releases. Case in point, yesterday I was at the local Gamestop to dig through their PS2 collection for rare RPGs and saw a poster for Lollipop Chainsaw offering the most amazing pre-order bonus I think I’ve ever seen – the Army of Darkness Ash costume!

Ash's costume from Army of Darkness, touched up with little hearts on the chainsaw. How.. cute?

Evil Dead is probably the most amazing horror series ever, bottom line, and Bruce Campbell is the only man my girlfriend would probably leave me for. Pre-ordering Suda 51’s upcoming cheerleader zombie beat-em-up at Gamestop not only gives you the greatest costume in the game, but Power Up Rewards subscribers will get another free costume in the form of Mindless Self Indulgence/The Left-Rights front-man Little Jimmy Urine, who helped not only voice a boss but provide the soundtrack to the game itself (which sounds amazing so far).

Any fan of MSI will instantly recognize this outfit from the early days. An awesome nod to the fans on Suda 51's part!

I was already stoked to play Lollipop Chainsaw because Suda 51 is completely batshit crazy, but now I REALLY want to play it as Lollipop Ash with her cutesy heart chainsaw to smite deadites.. now if they only included the boomstick.


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