Silent Hill HD Collection, where the HD stands for “highly defective”.

See what I did there?

It seems that the PS3 version of the Silent Hill HD Collection has a chance of being part of a defective batch, and unfortunately my copy was one of them. My girlfriend and I played and beat Silent Hill 2 last night and we experienced lots of lag and frame-rate skips but the worst of them all was the voice synching. Characters were talking, but their body language and lips moved 3-5 seconds later, along with the subtitles, which really killed most of the immersion.

I made a post on the forums asking if anyone else had a similar issue, but no one replied and for some reason the website was completely down all day. I did a search on Google and apparently Konami as acknowledged that it’s a known issue with the PS3 version and they’re working on a patch to resolve the issues in the coming days or weeks. They’re aiming to get it all sorted out before the European release.

Rather than wait a few weeks for the patch, I called the Gamestop I purchased it from and explained the situation. They said the only complaints they’ve gotten so far was about Ninja Gaiden 3’s online pass not working, but hadn’t heard anything about the HD Collection as of yet. They were also sold out of it so I couldn’t even exchange it.. bummer. Thankfully, a Gamestop about an hour away had a copy left over and held it for me. I just got back from making the exchange, so hopefully this isn’t one of the copies that’s defective.. or we’ll be suffering through a kung-fu style narrative to Silent Hill 3 when we play it tonight.

For more info on the patch, check it out here!


The patch, at first, didn’t fix anything at all.. but after about 30 minutes of playing Silent Hill 3, the lag stopped and the voice acting synched up fine. Now that we’re about 4 hours in to it the lag is terrible outside in the fog. I don’t know if this is “working as intended” or something that was overlooked. They also edited out the first few seconds of the infamous Pyramid Head “rape scene” in the apartment room.


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