Silent Hill month continues with the HD Collection reviews tomorrow!

My girlfriend and I finished up SH2 the day the HD Collection released, playing through the lag and voice dubbing issues, and we’re about 60% done with SH3. I’m sure most of you know that the HD Collection for PS3 was plagued with lag, framerate issues and terrible synching for the voice dubbing, but a patch released yesterday and seems to have fixed the issues.. for the most part. See my “HD for highly defective” post yesterday for more information.

With any luck we’ll have beaten SH3 tonight and tomorrow I’ll post the reviews for each. We look forward to starting Silent Hill 4: The Room for PS2 shortly afterwards and rounding out Silent Hill Month with play-throughs and reviews of the original Silent Hill (downloaded from the PSN store), Homecoming (the PS3 version) and Origins (the PS2 version, which we’re still waiting to arrive from Amazon).

We’re actually having a blast going through each of the games again and contemplated doing the same for the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy series. We own all of the Final Fantasy games outside of XIII-2 but by the timed we’d even get to that point it should be cheap enough to pick up on a whim. With the Resident Evil series, we’re only missing Dead Aim for PSone, Outbreak File #2 for PS2, Revalations 3D for 3DS (since we don’t own one) and the new Operation: Raccoon City since it’s mainly a multiplayer game and currently our internet connection is way too unstable. I have Code: Veronica for the Dreamcast but I’d rather pick up the “HD” (I use that term loosely) edition off PSN for $10.00.

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