How-to: Killing Silent Hill Downpour’s “Wheelman” boss.

Looking over the blog stats, I’ve been getting a lot of hits every day from people searching for a strategy on how to beat the last boss in Silent Hill Downpour, so I figured I might as well toss a fast guide up to help everyone out who has come here looking for answers, but not finding any.

Unfortunately, I can’t make a video, but after explaining how to complete the encounter I’ve embeded a youtube video that someone else posted (EPICELEET) for those of you who would rather watch than read. It’s more of a gimmicky puzzle boss since you never attack it yourself.

First things first, the Wheelman boss sits in the center of the screen and on each corner of the room is a giant life support system with a tube attached to it. By each support system is an elevator lift that goes up and down which takes you up to a platform with a spotlight.

Step 1 – Go up the elevator and “use” the spotlight. You’ll want to shine the light directly in the face of the boss to blind him and then immediately head down the elevator to unplug that specific life support tube by mashing X (on PS3 anyways. I assume it’ll be A for 360).

Step 2 – Repeat step one for the other three support systems. Some of them will not be reachable from the starting area so you’ll have to head to the outer catwalk to scale around. Enemies will spawn from the prison cells so have a gun handy to take out the pesky “rolling blood spitters”.

This is really all there is to the encounter, but a few things to keep in mind.

You have a short amount of time between blinding the Wheelman and ripping out the tube. Taking too long results in Wheelman summoning a massive rainfall and lightning, portrayed by gust clouds at your feet. Just run around in circles trying not to stand in the clouds and you won’t get hit. After 7 or 8 lightning strikes go back to blinding with the spotlight and try harder to get to the life support tube a bit faster.

Running across the middle platform runs the risk of getting wrecked by Wheelman’s overhead smash which deals a lot of damage. If you have some leftover health packs, don’t worry too much and just try to run to the next elevator platform. If you’re trying to avoid incoming damage, you’ll have to scale the outside catwalks a bit more than usual.

If you’re running low on health kits, I believe that there is a health pack at the top of every elevator lift inside of a cabinet in the remains of the doorway that stands near the spotlights.

And lastly, when Wheelman raises their hand to throw debris at you, just find something to hide behind. This attack is easy to avoid altogether. When you see the hand raise, you have about 3 seconds to stand behind a column or a wall before you get plastered with debris.

Hopefully this helped some of you out. I know it was confusing for me at first too, but once you know what’s going on it really is pretty easy. If anyone just wants to watch a video instead of reading, or you just want this information to make more sense, I’ve embedded one below from EPICELEET on YouTube which does an awesome job showing how its done.


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