Prey 2 Cancelled?

I know this is 2-day old news, but I still wanted to bring it up. Why? Despite the original game being pretty bad, I was actually excited for the direction Prey 2 was heading. Someone actually had the balls to say “fuck multiplayer, we want to create a great single player game” (not in those exact words, mind you) and it’s sad to see something like that fade away. I’m not a huge fan of online gaming, especially competitive multiplayer, so to see an FPS that not only avoids kissing the ass of the war-based shooter bandwagon but teabags the entire concept of including multiplayer just for the sake of including it was incredible.. and now it’s gone.

Prey 2 looked like a mix of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Mass Effect with an FPS flare rather than the original’s concept of giving a Native American a Portal gun, but it seems like we’ll never get to experience what could have been a sleeper hit. Maybe Bethesda just wasn’t happy with how things were coming along or didn’t want to invest the capitol in publishing a game to such a niche market, but hopefully they’ll actually *have* a comment to tell us why we’re not getting Prey 2.

Gamespot posted that they tried to contact Bethesda to confirm the cancellation but they simply replied “suck it”. Well, “no comment”, but still, things aren’t looking good.

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