Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PS Vita delayed.

Initially scheduled to release on March 27th, Konami announced today via RipTen that the series Vita debut has been delayed and a “more formal announcement” will be issued at some point. According to Kotaku, both Amazon and Gamefly have May 31st as a placeholder date, but no specific date has been given by Konami themselves.

While that sucks for Vita owners, I hope Konami uses this time wisely to fine-tune any issues that might have occurred in beta testing given the negative press the HD Collection received for being half-assed. I’m wondering if the two have anything to do with each other and Konami wants to give players time to forget their mistakes, or if something is actually wrong with the current state of the game itself. We’ll just have to wait for their “more formal announcement”, I guess.

This also means that Silent Hill Month will actually be complete when we’re finished, rather than missing out on Book of Memories for the Vita!


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