Devil May Cry HD Collection released early!

I went to the local Gamestop yesterday to pre-order the DMC HD Collection and rummage through their Gamecube stuff when the guy we usually deal with tells us that DMC HD is being released early! They just got the e-mail about an hour before we got there so I was stoked to head back today to pick up my copy!

Just a heads up to anyone who was looking forward to picking this up that its available now!

After playing a bit of each of the three titles, it appears that they were given the same treatment as RE4 and Code Veronica HD were. While at least 1 and 3 were amazing games in their own right and just playing them with crisper graphics and a better framerate is nothing to cry about, I just wasn’t really awestruck when I started to play them. It’s a very bare-bones HD remastering to me, which isn’t a terrible thing, but I’m curious as to how it’ll be received by critics and players alike.

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