Greetings from Pleasure Beach! Or, How are you spending your Saturday night?

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii, that’s how.

*Niad goes to pet and brush our cow, Lulubell*
Niad: “Oh crap, I forgot the brush!”
Me: “It’s okay, just pet her with the scythe. We’re having steak tonight!”

Me: “It’s only noon and we’re tired already! What do we do now?”
Niad: “We could eat a bunch of mushrooms and go work in the mine!”
Me: “If only someone didn’t know we were talking about Harvest Moon.”

Me: “Whose fucking birthday is it today?”
Niad: “Hamiltons. We’ll run in like Happy birthday.. bitch.”
Me: “KOBE!”

I also tried to convince her that the tiny stretch of beach outside of Harmonica Town was known as “Pleasure Beach”. She isn’t buying it.


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