Vegan yum-yumz – The “southern fat kid” plate.

Usually we opt to stay away from processed foods, but after being stuck in traffic and coming home 3 hours later than we wanted to be, we went for whatever was quick. We ended up tossing some Ore Ida frozen hash browns in to a skillet with zero calorie canola oil spray, adding a little salt and pepper and dicing up a few Yves vegan hot dogs. After everything browned up nice, we decided to make use of the fresh jalapeno pepper we had lying around which, in the end, wound up kicking my tongue in the face. Note to self: no jalapenos next time. I’m also not big on Yves vegan dogs because they just taste like tofu soaked in soy sauce, but I wanted something with a little more texture underneath after we topped it with a bit of Hormel’s vegetarian chili (which is 99% fat free and vegan friendly). Anyway, here is the finished product. One plate of over-processed, spicy deliciousness.


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