Buy 2 Get 1 Free Wii sale at Gamestop and the usual pre-order bonuses.

Got an e-mail today from Gamestop announcing a few sales they had going on and I know not everyone is on their mailing list, so I figured I’d go over a few things that caught my attention. I’m obviously not sponsored by Gamestop, but I’m limited in where I can purchase games in person out in the middle of nowhere so I like to keep in touch with my local store about sales, etc.

  • All used Wii titles $14.99 and under are currently Buy 2 Get 1 free.

My guess is that they’re trying to close out a lot of their overstock since a majority of the crap released for the Wii has piss poor resale value. Still though, I went through the list and there are more than a few worthy purchases like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Metroid: Other M  and Arc Rise Fantasia. So if you’re looking to boost your Wii collection on the cheap, this isn’t a bad way to go before the Wii U hits shelves by the end of the year (I hope). I just came back from Gamestop and picked up Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – The Crystal Bearers and Kirby’s Epic Yarn with the sale. Good buys, IMO.

  • Buy the game, get the guide free.

From now until August 21st, if you purchase Max Payne 3, Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden 3 or Soul Calibur V, you get a free hard copy of the official strategy guide. If you don’t already own Dark Souls, now is a good time to pick it up since the guide was very well done and extremely helpful with their maps and coven location info. I usually don’t buy guides, but I don’t regret my Dark Souls purchase at all.

  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior (360) is only $19.99 and comes with a free DLC pack.

This was a pretty quick price drop and purchasing the game nets you the “2nd Strike Pack” DLC for free. Not sure what this is or how many MSP this usually runs on XBL, so it may not be worth it. Still though, it’s pretty cheap for a game that just released a little over a month ago on June 29th.

  • Pre-order bonuses for WWE 13, Darksiders 2 & Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Darksiders 2 releases later this month on August 15th but there is still time to pre-order for some freebies if you plan on buying it anyway. The DLC pack contains exclusive side-quests according to Gamestop’s website, comes with a free Argul’s Tomb DLC code which will be available 30 days after Darksiders 2 releases. You can also get an additional 30% store credit when you trade in your games toward a new copy of Darksiders 2. WWE 13 pre-orders will receive “Iron” Mike Tyson as a playable character and an exclusive in-game ice cream sandwich T-shirt for CM Punk. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 pre-orders get exclusive DLC characters Angel & Michelle Chang and a bonus stage inspired by Snoop Dog. I’m sorry, it’s Snoop Lion now. Really though, a Snoop Dog stage? WTF Namco? How are we supposed to fight in a smoke filled room with half naked girls shaking their asses?

Nothing else interesting this week, but I’m usually all over their Buy 2 Get 1 sales. My Wii collection is damn near complete outside of a few of the more expensive releases like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bros & Donkey Kong Country Returns, but I’m sure I’ll find something interesting.

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