Dragon’s Dogma: Should You Buy Any of the DLC So Far?


Without getting too in-depth with DLC names, I’ll start by dismissing any and all DLC that offers instant gear, weapons and/or additional rift crystals. Absolutely none of the gear will be viable after playing the game for one or two days and Rift Crystals come in such vast quantities that unless you hire nothing but higher level pawns, you’ll rarely use them at all outside of buying character customization items and pawn inclination elixirs back at The Encampment.

The From a Different Sky DLC comes in a bundle for $6.99 and includes 100 additional quests available at the Pawn Guild’s lower floor quest board in Gran Soren. You can also purchase them for $0.99 per 10 quests, but if you’re going to buy them at all at some point, you might as well save yourself a couple of bucks and get them all at once.

Every single quest in this DLC pack plants Badge of Vows tokens across the map, usually in hard to reach places, and finding them rewards you with 1,000 XP, a handful of Rift Crystals, and around 11,000G after you vend the token itself. While the idea of running around Gransys to places you’ve already been to 15-20 times might not seem appealing, there are a few positives to buying From a Different Sky.

First off, if you’re a trophy/achievement hunter, all 100 quests count toward the three “quest board” trophies. In a game where it’s so easy to miss quests and fail escorts, it’s nice to have something to fall back on. If you’re a completionist, you’ll pick up the trophies over time anyway – if not in your initial playthrough, then in NG+ – so it’s probably less appealing to you unless you want the extra incentive to explore every nook and cranny in the world of Gransys. If you’re just starting out in Dragon’s Dogma, the early XP and gold will definitely help you move along a little faster, but eventually you’ll be swimming in enough money that the appeal will start to die down.

On the other hand, you’re limited in the amount of From a Different Sky quests you can pick up at once, which I believe the maximum is six at a time. This leads to a lot of backtracking since you’re forced to complete one of them before you can pick up another. You may head out to the Catacombs to pick up 2 tokens only to head back to Gran Soren, pick up another one of the DLC quest only for it to send you right back to the same exact location. If I were able to pick up all 100 quests at once and focus on one area at a time, this wouldn’t even be an issue, but in a game without any effective form of fast travel until NG+, it’s very time consuming to constantly go back and forth to Gran Soren.

The Challenger and The Chosen DLC packs each offer an additional 8 quests, ranging from the usual extermination quests to bringing a certain NPC a specific item. Some of the quests were pretty straightforward, but I ran in to a couple of issues that made me rethink my purchase. I didn’t like that the extermination quests require you to not only kill a specific monster, but kill them in a specific location – like waiting for nightfall to kill 13 Stout Undead near the Abbey instead of farming them anywhere else, especially when you may only run in to 4 or 5 of them per night. I also didn’t like how some of them required either a very rare item that has, at best, a 25% drop rate in a specific treasure chest – causing you to panic save and reload if you looted a different item – or require you to hand in an old quest reward that you may or may not still have lying around in your bank.

Unlike From a Different Sky, these quests actually reward you with items – mostly weapons that inflict enemies with drenched or tarring debilitations, but also offer unique rewards with passive bonuses such as faster monster climbing, etc. Items earned this way sell for 0G and I didn’t find any of them useful enough to keep, so for $2.99 per pack and most of the quests being either generic or a hassle, I can’t really recommend either The Challenger or The Chosen DLC to anyone.

The TL;DR version of my answer is to avoid any DLC that offers instant weapons, gear or rift crystals. If you want more to do, I’d suggest picking up the From a Different Sky bundle because it’s reasonably priced for an extra 100 quests. They definitely get old really fast, but they’re a decent way to break up the monotony of the normal quest board offerings and count toward three in-game trophies/achievements. They’re also a good way for new players to make some easy money and earn some fast XP early on in the game. If you don’t mind forking over the extra cash, consider the other two DLC quest packs, but if I could go back in time I’d avoid them. 8 quests that bring nothing new to the table and some requiring you to have kept old quest rewards is definitely not worth the $3.00 US.


If you have any specific questions about any of the quest board or armor DLC packs, let me know. I had some funds left in my PSN wallet and picked up most of them to go through Dragon’s Dogma for a 2nd time (starting over completely).

It’s also worth noting that DLC is specific to your save file, so if you start over you will have to buy the DLC over again. At least that’s what the disclaimer says on the Playstation Store. However, I got a free rift crystal pack from pre-ordering the game at Gamestop and I purchased the first collection of From a Different Sky DLC when it was initially released on a weekly basis, but when I started over they were both added to my new save file. I had invested about 90 hours in to my first playthrough, deleted my save and started over completely on a new save file and the DLC was still there. I can’t confirm that this will happen to you as well, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

3 thoughts on “Dragon’s Dogma: Should You Buy Any of the DLC So Far?

  1. I have a question, I justt bought Dark Arisen, but never played the first one. My only question is? the strider, fighter and mage ring sets do not appear in my inventory o black cat? do I have to have the original DD file to get them?


    1. You shouldn’t have to. Once you get to Gran Soren, visit the inn keeper and they have a banking option to store gear, etc. It should all be in there with any sort of DLC costumes you might have purchased. This is the only innkeeper with this option, btw, so you have to go to Gran Soren.


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