Holy Hobbit crap, it’s been a while!

So my last update was probably back in October, I think? Ugh, I don’t even know where to start, but to avoid jumping in to my personal life too much I’ll just say that I’m back in the writing mindset and in the process of moving back to Maryland here in the next few days.

Gaming-wise, I did manage to pick up Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Resident Evil 6 (yeah, yeah, I know) over the holiday but haven’t had a chance to play through any of them. The girlfriend and I did couch co-op (shut up) through Leon’s campaign in RE6, thought it was pretty decent and then starting focusing more on WoW to get this whole raiding thing going.

See, I’m a console gamer and I always will be, but WoW has been a buddy of mine since it’s inception back in 2005. We’ve had this on-again-off-again relationship and there have been some ups and downs, but I’ve met some really great people online and continue to play the game for that reason alone. Thanks to Blizzard’s Real ID feature, I can keep in touch with those people who have moved on to other realms and still group up with them for heroics or raids if needed.

Aside from keeping those bonds going, my primary focus in WoW has always been raiding. It’s what I love doing. The challenges that slam our privates in the door repeatedly, the teamwork and that feeling you get when your guild finally manages to give that raid boss its well deserved dirt nap is something that I haven’t found in many console games.

As of now, I have a small handful of max level characters over on the Horde side of Uldaman but (as it always ends up) lately I’ve been playing my Warlock. The Warlock has been my class of choice for as long as I remember, but for some reason I always try to pick a different class when a new expansion hits, level them up, get bored and go back to my Warlock. There is just something about the class that I can’t find elsewhere.

Recently our guild has been trying to put together its own raid team, but we’re struggling to find both reliable players and a permanent healer to fill our final spot. We’ve attempted taking in 9 people to a 10 man raid, but that didn’t end well. I’m hoping with the upcoming 5.2 patch that it’ll be easier to recruit since gear will be much easier to come by in LFR.

But anyway, I just wanted to give an update since it’s been a while between this post and the last. I didn’t forget about Cheap Boss Attack and I loved the Destructoid community of bloggers, but sometimes real life steps in and gives you five across the eyes.

Hope all is well on your end,


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