Why did I wait so long to pick this up?


I’ve been reading for years about how Mirror’s Edge is a fantastic game with an amazing art style and plays like a first person shooter where you hate to actually shoot things. Every time I visit a Gamestop and peruse the used section I always pick up the box, look at the back, fail to contemplate how a parkour simulator could be fun and put it down. Today, my curiosity made me its bitch.

First, the art style. Ho-lee-shit! The movements, the soundtrack, the cel-shading. I’m in love. The two-tone color scheme and the sense of speed and height are perfect! Running to the edge of the rooftop, wall-running to the next and leaping over a fence before sliding under ventilation system and disarming a ‘blue’ in slow motion always gives that sense of style that so many games lack. Levels gain intensity at a breakneck pace and slowing down means giving up, but mama didn’t raise no bitch. Faith is an awesome heroine and Mirror’s Edge has that kind of futuristic punk rock style that I loved so much about Jet Set Radio.

The control scheme definitely took some getting used to, especially for something that seems so simplified in the tutorial level. The further I get in to the game, the more I’m having to rely on on-the-fly platforming where I just have to trust my instincts and take the flying leap off the side or 180-jump to escape the ‘blues’. Sometimes I get a little pissed when I’m doing so good, only to barely miss a ledge because–in my state of panic–I jumped a tad too early.. but that’s okay because the death animation is delicious.

From what I’m gathering, Mirror’s Edge is a short game and that fits perfectly with my lifestyle at this moment in time. I generally favor RPG’s or games that keep me around for a while, but with things being a bit hectic I can appreciate the shorter games like this or DmC: Devil May Cry. Games that I can pick up and play for an hour and not worry about losing the story. I’m glad I finally talked myself in to picking up Mirror’s Edge, I’m just regretting I didn’t do it sooner.

4 thoughts on “Why did I wait so long to pick this up?

  1. Mirrors Edge 2 was supposed to and could still happen, but while EA insist on making DICE work on Battlefield after Battlefield game it’s looking unlikely any time soon. Shame.


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