Less than a week until this shows up at my doorstep!


I found an auction on eBay for $320 and free shipping for a brand new console, which is $80 off the retail price. Do you have a Wii U already? If so, what have you been playing? I can’t wait to pick up New Super Mario Bros U, Sonic & All-Stars Racing and Bit.Trip Runner 2, but I’d also like to check out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I’m intrigued by Tekken Tag Tourny 2 Wii U Edition for all the extras, but it’ll have to be in the $20 range for me to even consider it.

4 thoughts on “Less than a week until this shows up at my doorstep!

    1. Never been a big NG fan. I played the original and Black back on the Xbox and NG2 on the 360, but never made it to finish up any of them. I like the punishing difficulty, but the camera was most of that problem. On your recommendation though, I will check it out if I can find a rental somewhere.


  1. I don’t have one yet but that was a nice buy. I hope you write about your experience with it so I, a future owner can know what to expect.


    1. I’ll definitely be sure to do that. I’ve played my roommate’s and I know I already like ZombiU and NSMB U, but that’s where my experience ends. I can’t wait to dig deeper in to the touchpad and console features, though.


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