Today’s finds! – I hit the Star Wars Xbox motherload.


Stumbled across these 5, complete and in mint condition. Battlefront and Republic Commando were so-so, but KOTOR 1 & 2 were delicious and Jedi Outcast was the last great Star Wars game IMO. Total haul only set me back $12.50. Definitely a steal.

4 thoughts on “Today’s finds! – I hit the Star Wars Xbox motherload.

    1. That’s pretty much how I felt. The killer though is that I found them at a Goodwill mixed in with their DVDs. Someone must have donated all of their Xbox games because there were other games mixed in there like Max Payne, Brute Force, Counterstrike and Sega Rally GT (which I regret not picking up). I saw them shelved next to each other and usually at thrift stores these games are missing the discs or the discs look like someone played hockey with them in the back of a dumptruck. Everything is pristine and accounted for. I was shocked.


  1. I have never played the KOTOR but i did play Battlefront in my teen years nice to see such classics in such great condition. great deal!! :D


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