E3 Nintendo Experience Experienced in Glen Burnie, MD.

The tall bald MF'er is my roommate.
The tall bald MF’er is my roommate.

It was asses to elbows yesterday at the local Best Buy while my roommate and his girlfriend made their way to check out the latest E3 demos from Nintendo. Sadly, I won’t be going until Saturday, but here is a bit of a heads up for anyone else venturing to Best Buy this weekend, courtesy of the roommate.

He said he got there 2 hours early and they were already doing signups. Best Buy only has one console in our Baltimore location that everyone has to share. You sign up for which game you want to play and get 7 minutes to play it with or without friends. For instance, you can sign up for Mario Kart 8 and sign up your friends as additional players. Your friend can do the same for you, signing up for Super Mario 3D World and putting you down as an additional player.

All of the free giveaways were also gone pretty quick. Foam Luigi hats were gone within minutes of opening the box, as were a majority of the Year of Luigi coins and Mario Kart 8 checkered flags. I’m hoping I can snag some of this on Saturday, but if it was that crowded on a Wednesday, I can only imagine how busy it’s going to be.

It ended up taking so long that my buddy decided to spectate and check out the games as other people played them, giving high praise to the overall quality of Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, but was not so impressed by Super Mario 3D World. If I can actually get my hands on the demo this Saturday, I’ll be sure to write up as much detail as I can.

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