A pretty game dressed up in a TapOut shirt and Axe Body Spray or an innovative FPS? How do you feel about Titanfall?

My roommate and I were talking about Titanfall the other day and neither one of us really care for the competitive PVP multiplayer aspect of FPS games (and more often than not, the people who play them). However, unlike him, I actually want to play it.

If you’ve ever been on Xbox Live, you know the typical d-bag Call of Duty crowd that like to do nothing more than talk trash, smoke weed and say "bro" a lot. They’re usually mixed in somewhere with the 12 year old kids with mouths like sailors and a craving to spout off racial slurs. Yeah, those guys. That’s what is keeping me from really diving head first in to this game, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in Titanfall at all.

Maybe it’s the ability to pilot a mech and blow stuff up? Maybe it’s the platforming parkour style with jetpacks or the small story-driven multiplayer match-ups, I have no idea. Really, I don’t know why I’m interested in playing Titanfall. At its core is yet another competitive FPS experience, but I like the innovations in platforming and mech piloting rather than camping in a burned down airplane while sniping people for 3-4 minutes.

I’m hoping they release more campaign info in the coming months, as all the focus has been on the online component. I’d be more sold on some form of online co-op like Destiny offers over a full-blown PVP experience.

So how about you folks? Do you give a rat’s ass about Titanfall or will you be avoiding it like the plague? If I pick it up at some point and turn in to some "bro dude", I promised my roommate that I’d take a pic of myself in a TapOut shirt and post it as my avatar.


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