Sonic Lost World will not feature online multiplayer for Wii U, but will for 3DS version. Why is no one embracing online multiplayer for this console?

I’m a couch co-op guy, but I’ve had some great times playing games online with friends as well. Gaming is more fun when you’re around like-minded people, and I understand what Nintendo is going for here, but I don’t quite get why they (as in the developers) would opt to leave out a feature that so many people would enjoy.

With so much emphasis on wanting to draw consumers in to the Wii U realm, I have absolutely no idea why developers are failing to embrace this sort of online connectivity for the Wii U’s user base. Even Nintendo is guilty of this, as the new Super Mario 3D World won’t feature online co-op. This is a 4-player Mario game that is guaranteed to sell tons and tons of copies. Why wouldn’t the add an online component?

Sega has decided not to include an online multiplayer component to their upcoming Wii U and 3DS exclusive Sonic Lost World, but only for the Wii U version. The 3DS version will still support local wifi.

Now I love Nintendo and I’m enjoying my Wii U, but I really think Nintendo is still missing an opportunity by not focusing more on their online components. Nintendo has always done their own thing, but I think focusing on more ways to bring gamers together outside of the Miiverse would be a great start to boosting their sales, aside from having a larger library to choose from.

SOURCE: ii-u-but-will-on-3ds/


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