EGM Daily title slightly misleading, Forza 5 requires FREE day-one DLC update.

The wording is correct, but misleading as most people associate DLC with something we have to pay for. In all actuality, the "day one DLC" is a free update required to play the game when you first boot it up. You know, like those day one patches most of our games have the day we buy them?

Still, it could mean one of two things.

The first being that it’s the devs being hit with time constraints and having more time to finish it off by requiring the rest of the game to be downloaded by the consumer, or the second being that the game is so massive it doesn’t fit on one disc. I’m betting on the former, but hoping for the latter, although a racing game being so big as to not fit on a blu ray disc would be a bit absurd to assume.

I removed my previous article stating that EGM was "full of shit for their ‘hit bait’ article" because I felt the way it was worded only drew in bad publicity, which is a personal opinion but ended up thinking it over and seeing that it is, in fact, technically day one DLC. Just free DLC.

It’s misleading by no fault of their own, but judging by the comments there it seems I was correct in assuming this was going to cause some sort of uproar.

Original source article:

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