Another Liebster award, new questions & new answers!

Arcade Pop, a gaming blog I keep up to date on, nominated Cheap Boss Attack for a blogging Liebster award and this requires a small bit of work on my end. First off, a Liebster Award is to help draw attention to blogs, both old and new, that you may or may not be familiar with. I was nomiated by Voltech @ Cross-Up a few months back, and since I love his blog to death I responded in kind by submitting my answers and nominating a few choice blogs myself.

Since this wasn’t too long ago, my blog roll hasn’t exactly doubled or even expanded much, but I want to answer Arcade Pop’s questions and maybe draw some of your attention to some other blogs that I’ve been reading lately.

Let’s us start off though with AP’s questions.

1. What’s your favourite console ever?

Based on nostalgia alone, the NES. It was my first console and as a child of the 80’s it’s the sole reason why I’m such an avid gamer to this day. I’m also a huge whore for the Sega Dreamcast.

2. Nintendo or Sega?

Nintendo, hands down. Not to take anything away from SEGA, but The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon trump damn near everything. I *did* own a Genesis before a SNES and I was a huge backer for the Dreamcast, but nobody makes better first-party games than Nintendo.

3. Greatest Final Fantasy ever?

Mine is a toss-up between VIII and Tactics. I loved the characters, the world and the storyline of VIII and sank countless hours in to FFT building the perfect army. Calculator with a Ninja sub-class to cast faster? Check. Archer with the Knight sub-class to break armor and weapons from half the battlefield away? Check.

4. Playstation 4, Wii U or XBox One?

I already own a Wii U and it’s been a disappointing experience to say the least. I’ve enjoyed ZombiU, Monster Hunter and Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, but the overall lack of games has been a bit of a let down. I see the potential of the console and love Nintendo to death, but I don’t see it doing too well.. especially after November releases the two giants here in North America. As for the 2 “next” gen consoles, I’m putting my money in to the Xbox One but most of us will own both at some point. I just prefer the Microsoft exclusives over God of War, InFamous or Little Big Planet.

5. If you had to be stuck in an elevator with somebody, anybody, who would it be?

MacGuyver, so he could get us the fuck out.

6. Metroid Other M. Love it, hate it or never even played it?

Liked it. I’m in the middle, I guess? I liked the gameplay until I had to keep flipping the Wiimote around to fire off missiles, but otherwise I enjoyed it. I applaud their attempt at introducing more story elements, but in doing so they turned Samus Aran in to someone I completely loathed.

7. Have you ever backed anything on Kickstarter?


8. IOS or Android?

Neither. I don’t give a shit about cellphones, tablets or mobile games.

9. Which web browser do you use?


10. Final Fight or Streets of Rage?

Streets of Rage. 2 and 3 are some of the best beat-em-ups of all time.

11. If you could, would you either choose to live forever or have the ability to travel through time?

Live forever. I’d rather see the future than live in the past.


Now for the blogroll!

What’s Your Tag?

While they may seem primarily Xbox focused, don’t let the name fool you. They do it all, from streams, web-comics and are currently working on having a 2D fighter based off of their cast of characters. I’ve been a follower for a bit and have shot the shit with Mileson on multiple occasions about gaming and music, so I can honestly say they’re some really good dudes. Hands down my favorite gaming blog online.

Arcade Pop

Another gaming focused blog, and if you could tell from the intro here, the blog that nominated me for the Liebster. They’re usually on top of everything gaming, which is impressive since I’m gathering it’s all handled by one person? Correct me if I’m wrong here, AP. Still, it’s always a good read and I frequently link to their posts on my FB page.


I never thought walls of text could taste so delicious, but Voltech writes in such a way that I never want to stop reading. Sadly, he uses Blogger as a hosting site (HISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!) so it’s blocked behind my firewall at work. I read as much as I can but I’m always unable to comment.

Mushan, Etc.

I’ve been playing a lot more WoW lately than console games, and Mushan, Etc., is one of the most well written WoW blogs on the web. It’s mainly Hunter-focused but they’ve been posting a lot more about their alts and raiding.

Mon Plays WoW

Another WoW-focused blog. A general WoW blog from an Aussie with a severe case of alt-itis.

Sheep the Diamond

Yet another WoW blog, this time from a raider’s perspective. Stubborn typically updates in a letter format, addressing his concerns to us, the reader, with whatever it is that he’s going through at that given time. It’s an interesting concept that initiates conversation from like-minded players around the internet.


8 thoughts on “Another Liebster award, new questions & new answers!

Add yours

  1. CBA,
    Thanks for the link love! I’ve been spot-reading your blog since you’ve been leaving some comments on mine, but hadn’t in the last few days. I’m honored you’d think of me.
    Thanks again,


      1. CBA,
        I appreciate that description; that’s always what I’m striving for: honesty and depth, but a safe place to discuss disagreements, as well. I’m glad to know I’ve had some success in fostering that.


  2. Spookily I would have answered almost exactly the same on everyone of those questions bar the elevator one as I’d happily stay in an elevator all day with my pick Yu Suzuki as it would probably take that long to get the ending of Shenmue out of him. Oh and as for Arcade Pop you are right yet again. I am indeed a lone wolf.


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