Just a few quick observations -or- All aboard the complain train WOO WOO!!

The pet that drops off of the Twin Emps in AQ40 does not exist. My girlfriend and I have killed them 10 times in the last 2 weeks and nothing. I want to slap the RNG gods in the throat. With a chair. Covered in glass. On fire. Lathered up in some sort of flesh-eating bacteria.

I keep forgetting to hearth my Monk out of the Kun’lai temple before logging out, and every day I log back in to zero rested XP bonus.

As an aside to that one, I’ve been leveling my Nelf Monk with my girlfriend’s Pandaren Monk and wondering why she keeps getting ahead of me. She is not only remembering to hearth, but is severely overpowered with the Pandaren’s double rested XP gain racial passive. *shakes fist*

As an aside to that aside, I had no idea that the duration of the Monk’s XP buff from the daily stacked, so I’ve only been going back on the days where my buff falls off. This is occuring while another Monk friend of ours sits on a 6 hour buff like a boss.

I’ve finally started to jump in to pet battling and I fear for my already pathetic social life. Must.. level.. everything..

The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti seems overpowered at this point. After applying his two buffs, his normal attack generally hits for more health than anything I’ve faught thus far. I enjoy this. The Clockwork Gnome‘s Build Turret ability is also a lot of fun. Burrowing snakes are not.

After reaching exalted with the Violet Eye on 5 different characters and still never witnessing Attumen the Huntsman drop his mount, I’m starting to think it’s lost in the Twisting Nether with the pet from Twin Emps. I also haven’t seen the Curator drop his pet.

*deep breaths*
*counts to 10, backwards, losing track around 4 or 6 or something*
*Owlkin Frenzy activated*


11 thoughts on “Just a few quick observations -or- All aboard the complain train WOO WOO!!

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  1. I’ve seen the Reins of the Fiery Warhorse. I lost the roll.

    Strangely, the one from the Twin Emperors is the one I got, but I can’t get the blob one off Vis…c…whatever it’s called. The blob.


    1. I ran AQ40 last night 3 times and got 2 of those blobs from Viscidious or whatever his.. or hers, I guess.. name is. If you want one and can make a character on a US realm, let me know and I’ll just give you one of mine.. and *cough* maybe when you get an extra Twin Emps pet you can return the favor. SHADY DEALINGS! You’re a Goblin, this is totally up your alley.


        1. If I reply directly from WordPress you probably get a notification, but if I reply from my phone it acts like I’m a reader, not the publisher. It’s stupid.

          Anyway, I could always just make an alt on your realm and hand it over? Whatever works. I’m normally on after 9pm EST.


  2. “I’ve finally started to jump in to pet battling and I fear for my already pathetic social life. Must.. level.. everything..”

    You know this is exactly how I feel when it comes to my characters! As for the monk buff, apparently my bf said he thought his could stack, but when he tried it, it never did. Where as I never tried in the fear I’d lose out on my xp for that day, I’d just log out if I was too tired with the buff, and use it when I logged in, then do the daily and complete that hour too… and if I was lucky I’d level up to one of the 10 lvl increment quests and get another hour on top of that. I used to always go back to where I started – usually questing, though can’t say I logged out in an inn. I have a very bad habit of just logging out where ever I park my character and going to bed or going out.. though I level enough toons that the extra speed when leveling doesn’t affect me much anymore – I think that should be a worry in itself!


    1. I’ve never stacked it beyond 2 hours myself, but a friend of mine’s buff showed 5 hours when I moused over it and he confirmed that’s how long he had in guild chat when I asked him.

      I generally level pretty fast, between the full set of BoA and guild perks, but the monk buff is definitely nice if you just want to pound out dungeons to get as much XP as possible. Questing with the hour buff is nice too, but I seem to get more out of dungeons since it’s basically one solid hour of grinding and potential quest turn-ins.

      My girlfriend and I did recruit-a-friend last year for fun and we both made monks, had full sets of BoA, the monk buff and the guild perks. I went Brewmaster and she healed me as Mistweaver. We hit 80 the next day. It was absurdly fast and I think I still had gray bracers somewhere in the 70s.

      But hey, for those of us with alt-itis, our favorite time is upon us! 10% XP & rep gains with the DMF buff! I started leveling my Hunter and Warlock again last night to take advantage of it.


  3. Yeti/gnome is a hellishly strong combo. Try putting up LS and then dropping turrets. (or the other way around) Works like a bomb.

    Is your yeti upgraded to blue quality?

    Emps dropped their pet nice and easy for me. I also had issues getting the pet off Viscidus, but that’s mostly because I don’t play anything that has frost damage. :\


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