Alt Appreciation Week – The Rouge Rogue! Because everybody loves that typo.

Since I’ve just gotten back in to the swing of WoW blogging, I’ve taken notice of the ongoing weekly class-related topics started by Laeleiweyn of World of Lae. These “alt appreciation” topics celebrate a different class each week, giving those of us with alt-itis a chance at giving said class our own personal attention.

This week is Rogue week, as I’ve come to find out after stumbling on the most recent post at Kamalia et Alia.

WoWScrnShot_101013_005326The Rogue class, to me, is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things in WoW. Whether you love to play them or hate to fight them, Rogues excel at being one thing – Fucking annoying. Few things cause me to roll my eyes in both terror and dread as much as the sound of a Rogue going in to Stealth. Couple that with the sound of Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot and poisons being applied to various parts of your body, and you have the perfect recipe for a nice, warm cup of pure hatred.

Like Christmas, however, being on the giving end is usually a much better feeling. My first Rogue was an Undead twink named Kaymond back on Silvermoon-US, during the vanilla era of WoW. I had this fascination with a 1h sword that dropped in Scarlet Monestary called “The Butcher”, loving both the name and style of the blade.

I was a scrub at the time, having only played for 2-3 months, and had no idea STR wasn’t the ideal stat for a Rogue. Still, one day I obtained The Butcher as a random drop, sent it to my level 29 twink to use as a MH weapon and immediately queued up for WSG with my friend’s Resto Druid. Wasted stat or not, The Butcher did exactly as the name implied, and I had a blast mashing Sinister Strike on the under-geared lowbies of the opposing faction.

Kaymond was eventually dropped after leaving the server and I didn’t pick the class back up until much later, toward the end of WOTLK. My girlfriend and I were playing on Deathwing-US, a PVP server, and I wanted nothing more than to be that annoyingly stealthy, Shadowstepping, Ambush-critting Rogue that I loathed dying to on my Warlock.

I created a Blood Elf and wanted to name him something that would cause whoever I was killing to cringe in annoyance; thus Umadbrah was born, usually found (or not seen at all) questing alongside his partner in crime, and fellow Rogue, “Lusty”.

We had a lot of fun plowing through quests and taking part in a ridiculous amount of world PVP, Shadowstepping players who thought they were safe hiding in the inns, working ridiculous amounts of crowd control against groups of 5 or 6 in Nagrand near Ring of Blood, and sneaking in to Honor Hold to play with the Alliance.

Umadbrah made it to level 74 before we defected over to the Alliance side of Deathwing-US toward the end of WOTLK. I was having so much fun on the Rogue that I took him with me, faction changing him to a Worgen and re-naming him Aerseth. Oddly enough, he ended up being my PVE main throughout Cataclysm.

When MoP launched, the group of people that I normally play with wanted to go back to the Horde side, so we jumped ship from Deathwing-US to Uldaman-US, leaving Aerseth back on Deathwing to collect dust. I eventually ended up faction changing him to an Undead, keeping the Aerseth name, and leveling him up to 90. Sadly, he didn’t do much outside of a few LFR runs before I jumped ship yet again to the Alliance side of Stormrage-US, leaving Aerseth behind to collect more dust.

I do have a level 1 Night Elf Rogue as a placeholder, named Ithial, but my motivation to level another Rogue from scratch just isn’t there. It’s a fun class for PVP when you’re on the giving end, and I had a pretty good time leveling Aerseth up to 90, but the playstyle just wasn’t holding my interest long enough to want to play him over my other 90’s. Who knows what the future holds, though? I never thought I’d end up raiding as a Rogue in Cataclysm or having a level 90 female Dwarf, so weirder things have happened.


4 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation Week – The Rouge Rogue! Because everybody loves that typo.

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  1. Haha, most definitely hate those stabby things in pvp. Some can fully lock me down until I am dead and I curse at my screen that I will avenge my death! When I am badly geared though it usually doesn’t happen. My little rogue is 73 or something and haven’t managed to get much done with her yet. I haven’t ever been truly a rogue kind of person, though the appeal is there, I just don’t see myself ever playing her. I don’t think I have the skills – I am much more suited to the charge in and thwack with a sword of my warrior, I like me some beefy crits. …. I will leave that discussion there, as I don’t want to even think about leveling my rogue as well.. >.>


    1. I really like the Assassination playstyle, putting more emphasis on poisons and allowing you to attack with your primary ability (Mutilate) from any angle. The damage is even pretty decent too, but I’m not a big melee guy. I’ve never really DPS’ed as a Warrior either, aside from leveling as Titan’s Grip Fury, immediately going Prot at 90.


  2. “Shadowstepping players who thought they were safe hiding in the inns”

    This totally happened to me over Midsummer Fire Festival. Kind of. Except it was a monk and somebody else that wasn’t a rogue. They just ran right on in and killed the crap out of me and the NPCs, and I was all like, GODDAMN, NPCS, AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE BUFF AND LEVEL 90 FOR A REASON GEEZE


    1. Who needs Stealth when you can literally Roll in to the inn and Spinning Crane Kick everything in the face until they die from it? Those NPC’s aren’t really protecting anybody. It’s a false sense of security, really.


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