Glyph of Felguard, Y U NO?! Allow me to explain.


When my newbie Demonology Warlock, Rambobrite, dinged 50, the first thing I did was pop in the minor Glyph of Felguard. This glyph allows your Felguard/Wrathguard to equip at random any 2H sword, axe or polearm from your bag.

I hit up the AH, picked up a cheap-ish BoE 2H sword (shown above) and wondered why in the ultimate fuck he wouldn’t equip it.

Someone said he had to be resummoned, so I sent him away to the Twisting Nether and resummoned him again. Nothing. Someone else said that the weapon had to be bound to me, which I found odd as Warlocks can’t even EQUIP a 2H weapon that isn’t a staff, so unless I could somehow score a 2H weapon as a quest reward or a drop, it wouldn’t work? The hell, really?

When I logged in today, I saw someone’s Felguard walking around with a weapon that I *knew* was BoE, so I hit up WoWhead and found out exactly what the problem is.

No, the weapon does not have to be bound, but it DOES have to be placed in your original bag that you start the game off with. As seen here in my screenshot, the Blade of the Titans is still BoE but my lovely Felguard is ready to slice and dice at my given command.

So yeah, if you picked this up and had no idea why in the hell it wasn’t equipping your weapon, now you know. If you have a Wrathguard, in order for them to dual-wield a weapon, you need to have two of them in your main bag. Otherwise, it’ll just equip the weapon in the main-hand and still rock the Hellreaver in the off-hand.

This got me thinking about how much I could play around with this, and I wondered if I could have him equip a weapon that was well beyond my current level. I hit the AH, picked up a level 87 2H sword from Pandaria and BAM! Equipped! I love this glyph.

If it’s too small to read, I’m level 50 while my Felguard is equipping a level 87 2H sword.

6 thoughts on “Glyph of Felguard, Y U NO?! Allow me to explain.

  1. I’m guessing they’re reusing something from the warrior’s shouty-weapon-change glyph, which explicitly states that the weapon needs to be in your main backpack.


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