Ding 90.. again.. on a Warlock.. again.

In my never-ending quest to ascend in to alt-whore heaven when I die, I dinged 90 today on my second Horde Warlock, although this time on an Orc. He was 86 and lonely over on Uldaman-US so I shipped him over to Zul’jin-US and leveled him out to 90 over the weekend. I think WoW is telling me to go to bed since I’ve had the absolute worst luck finding cloth tokens over on the Timeless Isle.

I think this marks my 10th 90, which would mark the 10th time I’ve suffered through my least favorite zone in the entire game — Dread Wastes. Seriously, fuck that place.


Metamorphosis hides my shitty gear that is at least high enough to run MSV in LFR.

4 thoughts on “Ding 90.. again.. on a Warlock.. again.

  1. Grats! I haven’t really played much in Demo – haven’t spent the time to really learn it since I leveled. When I have played around in it, I wasn’t able to grasp the whole demonology form thing… but that’s me and my WoW ADD – sorry something is sparkling, must look at that now!

    Dread Wastes is one of my least favourite too, mainly because I am sick of things like mantid attacking me and having to try and leash them away, and the little blighters still run after you. Things like that really annoy me when it comes to WoW.. I feel as though I turn into an old lady with the ‘GET OFF ME LAWNNNNN’ except it’s a case of ‘LEASH YOU BASTARDS!’ haha.


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