Everyone is Playing Titanfall and I’m Just Sitting Here Giving Nintendo More Money.


What’s up gamers? Long time, no post, and I know I’ve been starting a lot of my blogs off that way lately but I’ve been pretty busy doing that whole gaming thing and writing for TEAM XBRO over at What’s Your Tag?

So what’s the what? Aside from playing through Strider and hopping on to mop up Crimson Dragon achievement challenges, I haven’t really been doing much with my Xbox One lately. It’s not for a lack of anything to play, as Titanfall just released and I absolutely loved the beta for the 4 days I lived in it, but more so being preoccupied with a few other things — namely Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (which I awarded a 9.5/10 over at WYT?), Super Mario 3D World and a slew of other Wii U games that I’ve finally had a chance to check out.


I also finally caved and picked up a 3DS XL (the limited edition The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds one) and Yoshi’s New Island, mainly because I’ve been wanting one for a while now but I also wanted to snag one up to get Pokemon Y for free during the Club Nintendo promotion this month.

I finished up Yoshi’s New Island at the end of last week and while I thought it was fun, it just wasn’t worth the full $40. If you want to know exactly why, here is a link to my review. Rather than pop it up on my gaming shelf, I traded it in for Bravely Default and also picked up Pokemon Battle Trozei off of the 3DS eShop, played the hell out of it with my girlfriend and popped my review over on WYT? — Talk about addictive, chaotic puzzle games. This shit would give a child a mid-life crisis!


I haven’t done much at all with World of Warcraft lately, and as excited as I was for the new Warlords of Draenor expansion, I decided to abandon ship and check out Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 instead. So far it’s very similar to WoW and aside from being downright gorgeous to look at, I really like how their job classes play out, how melee combat is combo driven and just how the world seems massive and new, yet still feels like playing a great Final Fantasy game. Right now I have a Summoner at level 39 (50 is the max right now), but I haven’t done much online in about week since picking up my 3DS and loving the hell out of Tropical Freeze.

So what have you guys and gals been playing lately? Anything you’re looking forward to that’s coming out soon?

With my Wii U collection complete, I’m just playing the waiting game until Shovel Knight, Citizens of Earth and Pier Solar HD hit the eShop. I also have every intention of picking up Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros Wii U when they release.


Bravely Default will keep me occupied for a while, but afterwards I’d like to pick up Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening at some point. I’m still too early in the game to make heads or tails of the story, but so far I’m digging the Brave and Default combat system as well as the different job class combinations, but man.. listening to Agnes talk makes me want to pour molten lava in my ear canals.

I’m still riding the high of just how amazing Tropical Freeze was that I’ve pretty much just been living on my 3DS and Wii U lately. I honestly didn’t care for the Sonic Lost World demo, but I picked it up today (along with Pikmin 3) hoping that the actual retail release has something for me to like. It’ll be a little bit before I get to it since I’m juggling Bravely Default, Pokemon Y, Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3D World around, but I’ve heard very little good things so far.

soniclostworldAnyone out there play it yet? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

Oh, and I also played through the new Thief reboot and fucking hated it.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Everyone is Playing Titanfall and I’m Just Sitting Here Giving Nintendo More Money.

  1. I’ve said this elsewhere, and I’ll say it again here: I’ve seriously contemplated writing a post called “Why You Are Dumb for Not Playing The Wonderful 101.” Pretty self-explanatory. I probably wouldn’t call it that in the long run, because I’m pretty sure that insulting the audience is a general no-no, but damned if it’s not an appropriate title.

    W101 may not be the best game ever, and it does have its fair share of faults, but it deserved much more love than it got. MUCH more. I would have figured that a game like that would be a lot more precious and revered with the industry the way it is right now, but, well, here we are.


    Well, you’ve got Tropical Freeze, which in itself is a fantastic game. Playing certain levels in that is like injecting pure happiness into my veins. Even though I suspect that’s not even remotely safe (or legal), but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

    “Anything you’re looking forward to that’s coming out soon?”

    April 8th. Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to the new Smash Bros. Body, ready, etc.


    1. Absolutely, W101 should have thrived in the stale market we have right now. Such a good game and I preach the good word about it to anyone who owns a Wii U. Hell, even those that don’t.

      DKC.. man.. so good. I beat it in 2 or 3 days and couldn’t stop playing it. Especially the Savannah levels. If I ever lose faith in gaming, that’s the game I’m popping in for reassurance.

      I’m basically living off of my Wii U and 3DS right now and all of their fantastically amazing (slash) quirky titles. I’m playing catch up with Level-5’s Guild 01 and Guild 02 releases and loving all of them so far. Weapon Shop de Omasse and Liberation Maiden were fantastic.


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