Okay, Etrain Odyssey. You Win.

If you’ve read my last two posts, you know damn well I’m obsessed with Persona Q right now. The battle system, the labyrinthine dungeon crawling, the map drawing, persona fusions; a lot of which come from the Etrain Odyssey side of the mash-up.

I’ve put off Etrain Odyssey since.. well, since forever. Until today.

Etrain Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl for 3DS is on sale until the 30th of this month for a mere $10. So what the hell. I’ll give it a shot.

Apparently (according to my expert Wikipedia skills) Millennium Girl is both a reimagining and remake of the original game, adding an all new Story mode with set characters. It still includes the Classic mode, where you can make your own characters, but I don’t think I’d be interested in that. I need a story to drag me along, no matter how cliche.

I hear the series is punishingly difficult, so I’ll probably start out on the Picnic setting (similar to Safety in Persona 2, I guess?) until I get my feet wet.

Anyone out there familiar with the game? Thoughts? Advice to not get slaughtered?


3 thoughts on “Okay, Etrain Odyssey. You Win.

Add yours

    1. Ah, I like the map drawing. It became less grindy when I noticed how weak every single enemy is to light and dark “death” spells. Using Naoto with the Incubus persona gives her one of each that hits every single enemy, making short work of random encounters.

      Poison is also ridiculously overpowered in Persona Q against FOEs and boss fights. Incubus gives Naoto a passive skill called Impure Reach that increases her liklihood to inflict status ailments, including death spells. Not only that, but Incubus has Toxic Slice which inflicts poison… just about every single attempt with Naoto at the helm. Basically Naoto + Incubus can carry your entire team, and that only gets easier once the Persona 3 MC gets Debilitate that increases the chance of inflicting ailments to 100%.

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