The Persona 4-themed Battle Music in Persona Q is Rad

Japanese rapper Lotus Juice and female vocalist Shihoko Hirata make one hell of a duo in Persona Q’s battle music, Light the Fire Up in the Night.

This version is based on the Persona 4 cast, but if you choose the protagonist from Persona 3 at the start, it’s slightly different. Instead of Hirata, it features Persona 3’s vocalist, Yumi Kawamura.

Here’s the Persona 3 version, for comparison. It’s still great, but I prefer the one above.

Definitely makes random battles easier to swallow, that’s for sure. 15 hours in and I’m not sick of it yet. That says something.

Lotus Juice is no stranger to providing vocals for Persona, after all. Hell, his remix for Backside of the TV was added to Persona 4: Dancing All Night on Vita; once again featuring Shihoko Hirata.

They definitely deliver the goods. Now I really need a copy of Dancing All Night so I can rock Yosuke’s winter gear. It’s fucking cold outside.


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