Is it December 4th Yet?

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the finest role-playing games to come out of the last console generation, so hype levels are at max capacity for the upcoming launch of Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4th.

The new North America commercial and UK promo video shown earlier today isn’t making the wait any fucking easier, is it?

Hurry. Up.

14 thoughts on “Is it December 4th Yet?

    1. Xenogears on PSX is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, but I didn’t really get in to the Xenosaga trilogy on PS2. I wanted to love it, but those hour long cutscenes were hard to swallow when you didn’t have a lot of free time. Chronicles on Wii though.. hot damn, that’s a game.

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      1. Hour long cutscenes? Hot damn. That’s ridiculous. And yet I am intrigued. I’ll probably have to wait til the following week for Chronicles but that’ll be my Black Friday check, sooooooo… I can afford it.


          1. I’m coming to love remasters. I was broke/my family was broke/I never heard about a lot of games before and the more they remaster the more I get to try out games I missed out on.


            1. Remasters are a great way to reintroduce a new generation of fans to a series, or let people finally play them that never got around to it the first time around. I’m not against them at all. I just like when they’re done well. The Last of Us is easily the best remaster I’ve ever played, but Halo: MCC (launch issues aside, of course), God of War III, Devil May Cry (DmC, not the half-assed Capcom “upscale” they gave the HD Collection last-gen), and ICO/Shadow of the Colossus were really great. Capcom is typically the worst, but even the Prototype 1 & 2 remasters were nothing more than the old games jammed on to one disc.

              This would make a good post, actually.

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              1. Damn it would be. You’ve played a lot more remasters than I have, I’d love to see more of your braining about it.

                I’m tired, I make up words.

                I played a bit of the Kingdom Hearts remix at PAX (since I was bored, had a PS3 spot open and I miss my PS3) and damn did it look incredible. I think as soon as I get a PS3 again, doing the ReMixes will be near the top of the list.


        1. If it boils down to playing or not playing, I’m okay with a little censorship. Especially something as trivial as a breast size slider, or making an underage character less scantly clad.

          I felt the same about Fatal Frame on Wii U. I actually thought the Nintendo-themed costumes were more appealing and timeless than some scantly clad lingerie. Not that I was ever offended (again, adult here, etc.), but Nintendo-themed extras are awesome.

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