Cars and Soccer and Stuff


Over the last 3 days I’ve played a pretty unhealthy amount of Rocket League. It’s awesome, as I’m sure you’ve heard for months now. Really, it’s awesome. Did you hear that it’s awesome? Because it is. Awesome, that is.

It’s a game that I have a lot of fun playing, despite being pretty rubbish at it. I seem to be a decent defender, and I can maneuver around the field pretty well, but when it comes to scoring… let’s just say I’m not good. I just realized how bad that sounded.

I’m closing in on rank 18 (what the game refers to as semi-pro, with pro starting at 20) and still have troubles using the X and Square buttons properly while in mid-air. Usually I just flip around like a crazy person and end up driving up the wall, but lately I’ve tried my damnedest to avoid wall chasing altogether. When everyone else is doing it, I just ride around filling my boost meter and preparing to defend our goal instead.

What I like most about Rocket League is how accessible it feels. There’s a lot of strategy and depth to the game, and you wouldn’t know that by picking up the controller and diving in to your first few matches. Psyonix made it so easy to grab the controller and immediately have fun, regardless of your skill level. To me, that’s great game design and it’s unfortunate that it’s one shared by so few competitive games.

I’d say I have about 50 matches under my belt, and so far the only issue I have from a design perspective is how dumb the AI is if you’re playing offline against bots. Of the two games I’ve played in season mode, 3 of the 5 goals the opposing team scored came from my own teammates just rolling it there. Not even trying to block, but literally just driving the ball straight in to our own goal.

Ah well, I really have no interest in playing offline once season mode is finished up. I just like trophies.


My first goal in Rocket League was to unlock Sweet Tooth, which I did earlier today. Next goal is to finish up season mode for the trophies, and then it’s exclusively online madness from that point forward.

I’m pretty sure Sweet Tooth will be my main squeeze online, but the Mad Max-themed Ripper in the upcoming DLC looks pretty awesome and it appears that some new Portal vehicles are coming to the PC version as well. Hopefully those make it over to the PS4. I love me some Portal.

I always figured Rocket League would be something I’d enjoy, despite my distaste for competitive online games. But I never thought I’d have this much fun with it. Every match is a chaotic mess, and that’s when it’s at its best. If my team is getting slaughtered and I’m still having a good time, you’re doing something right.

My hat’s off to Psyonix for putting together something that not only strays from the norm, but executes it damn near flawlessly. I respect that, and I hope to show my appreciation by picking up their paid DLC packs in the near future. Who knew blending cars and soccer could be so fun? Apparently millions of people… I’m just late to the party as usual.

I also think my Games of the Year list is going to have a new addition.

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