Apparently I’m 4 Years Old Today


I was just informed by the handy WordPress toolbar icon that Cheap Boss Attack is 4-years old today. The direction of the blog has changed a lot over the years, from console game reviews to World of Warcraft (and back again), and there’s even been some extensive periods of silence lately, but thank you to anyone who’s taken the time to stop by and read my articles. It means a lot.

I’ve been making it a point to be more active here since I’ve had the itch to write. I just haven’t gotten back in the groove yet. I want to write more, my motivation is just at an all time low and I’m not sure how to get out of this.. funk, I guess you could say.

This is just a personal blog though, so I’m not sure what more I need to do. I play games and then write about them. Sounds simple enough, right?

I want to expose people to games from other cultures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Games transcend language barriers, after all. They also help people (like me) combat depression. They help us escape the monotony of everyday life. They’re fun (sometimes). But lately when it comes to writing, I just can’t motivate my fingers to stroke the right keys and convey the message my brain is trying to get across. It’s frustrating.

Here’s hoping I can break out of this funk and enjoy writing again. It feels weird to even say I don’t enjoy it, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I’m sure I’ll find that motivation again some day, and all I can do in the meantime is stop by from time to time and shoot the shit about whatever I’m playing.

That’s the point of a personal blog, after all.

So thank you for reading this post, or any other before it. It’s awesome knowing that guides and reviews I did years ago still get so much attention, and I hope to continue doing that.


3 thoughts on “Apparently I’m 4 Years Old Today

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  1. You’re four years old? Congratulations! Now you can go do…uh…whatever it is four-year-olds like to do. Nap? Watch Dora the Explorer? Motocross racing? Yeah, let’s go with motocross racing.

    In all seriousness, though, congrats for making it to such a major milestone. Writing’s a powerful tool, no question — for the self, and for others — so get as much mileage out of it as you can. Keep on keepin’ on, as they say.


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