Fail in February


A month ago I made a post about an annual event called Four in February, where I pick four games from my backlog and attempt to finish them by the end of the month.

I failed. Oh, how I failed.

My chosen games were Dead Nation, Grim Fandango Remastered, Doki Doki Universe, and Sound Shapes–all reasonably short in length–but even the gift of leap year didn’t help. Dead Nation I finished almost immediately, but I didn’t even touch Doki Doki or Grim Fandango over the last 29 days.

I spent most of February catching up on TV shows, Kinda Funny podcasts, and comic books, so there was little room for gaming.

I finished off season 1 of The Flash (which was incredible, by the way) and the first 2 seasons of Arrow, with a little Supergirl thrown in for good measure. Arrow didn’t grab me at first, but I wanted to see how it crossed over in to The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I’m glad I did.

Manu Bennet is an awesome Deathstroke and there’s a lot of great pairings in the show, just like there were in The Flash. Diggle and Deadshot. Felicity and Barry. Roy and Thea. Arrow and Huntress/Sara/Laurel/Felicity. There’s a lot that Arrow does right, especially fleshing out the characters, but sometimes Arrow himself is a little too hokey.

I read Batman: Year One, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run, the new Batgirl, Hawkman: Endless Flight, Daredevil: Devil at Bay, volume 1 of Superman: Earth One, Superman: Secret Identity, Flash: Rebirth, Ant-Man: Second Chance Man, and gave up on DC’s New Frontier halfway through the first volume.

With a full load of college classes, I’m surprised I managed to squeeze all of that in and still remember to feed my cats. I also managed to squeeze in some gaming, of course.

As mentioned above, I did take out Dead Nation a couple of days in to February. I tried to get in to Sound Shapes on Vita, but it lost its novelty after an hour or two. It’s a great concept and I’m sure I’ll swing back around for another go later in life, but it wasn’t what I wanted at that moment in time.

What I did do was finish Fallout 4 and sink 27 hours in to Tales of Zestiria on PS4. I’ve already gone in-depth about Fallout 4 and don’t really want to talk about Zestiria right now, since I plan on reviewing it. I’m still not sure what possessed me to play it, but I’m really glad I did. I’ll just leave it at that.

So yeah, I “failed” Four in February this year, but I’m not bummed about it. I just ended a two year writing relationship with What’s Your Tag? where I spent all day, every day, in games! games! games! mode. Taking a step back and remembering there’s a world of things out there that aren’t video games was awesome, and it’s something I hope to do going forward.

I’m also digging this whole “play the games I want to play” thing that’s been missing for a long, long time.

12 thoughts on “Fail in February

  1. Great write up dude. I only completed on game in february and that was Xcom 2. I was really sick for most of the month and right now i’m currently waiting on my new rig to come in the mail so I can start writing/gaming again. Technically you completed two games last month if you count Fallout :).

    Writing for other people can be fun for awhile, but I understand you wanting to do something different. I think I prefer your writing now when compared to cheapbossattack. It seems like you’re more down to earth and having more fun with it.

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    1. Thanks Drak, I appreciate the kind words. I just meant I only beat one game from my list, haha. Fallout 4 was big enough for 6 or 7 smaller games, sooooo does that count as “winning”?

      XCOM 2 is pretty huge too, so I’d say that’s a big win.

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      1. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the way four in February works :(, but completing Fallout 4 is no small feat :). Xcom 2 is amazing and it’s at the top of my review list. It’s goty worthy imo. I’m currently playing through both versions of Fire Emblem Fates and I’m trying to decide between Black Desert and The Division.


          1. Black Desert has beautiful graphics there’s no doubt about it, but… after watching a few hours of gameplay you would need a group of friends to have fun with the game because it’s lacking in the PVE content imo.

            FE is really great so far. I’m about half way through Birthright and I can’t wait to start the other one. I don’t think it’s better than Awakening though.

            I would definitely recommend picking up one of the Fire Emblem games though. If you want a more traditional Fire Emblem game get Conquest. If you want something more like Awakening get Birthright.

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            1. The last FE game I played was Shadow Dragon on DS and the Gamecube one before that. The Wii version was always ridiculously overpriced and for whatever reason I never got around to Awakening. I hear it’s stellar, and I *love* me some RPGs. One day.

              Blade & Soul (I think that’s the new MMO?) seems to have a similar issue, according to my Twitter feed. Looks good, it’s fun, but there’s absolutely nothing to do once you’ve leveled.

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