Let’s Take a Step Back and Acknowledge How Awesome Tales of Zestiria’s Opening Theme is.

Tales of Zestiria released months ago, but as I still work my way through its expositorily verbose campaign I find myself admiring one specific event each time I launch the game on my PS4: the intro.

It’s a rock-ish sounding western track with a guitar riff that gets me big papa pumped for hours of grinding, side-quests, and charming narrative skits. It’s kinda corny. It reminds me of Wild Arms. So yeah, it’s fucking awesome.

What’s that? You didn’t play Wild Arms? First off, you’re fired. But here, let me help.

Good, right?

Tales of Zestiria’s intro theme is really, really good, but is it the best? Almost.

Before being replaced by a forgettable ambient track, the original intro for Dragon’s Dogma (by Japanese artist B’z) takes home the gold with Into Free ~dangan~. Unfortunately, the original track is nearly impossible to find on YouTube, so enjoy this version over at G4TV.

Someone once told me this song made them want to rip their shirt off and dive from a cliff in to the ocean, and if that doesn’t make you want climb atop a dragon and stab it in the squishy bits, I don’t know what does.

Video game music is important. Clearly. So what are some of your favorite tracks?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Step Back and Acknowledge How Awesome Tales of Zestiria’s Opening Theme is.

  1. When I read the post title, I immediately thought to myself, “I bet it doesn’t beat Wild Arms,” and then chuckled to myself when I saw it was included right there in the post. Another good opening that I like a lot was the Chrono Trigger FMV sequence at the start of the PS1 version.

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