Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?


The weekend is upon us, and hopefully we’ll all find time away from our busy lives to squeeze in some much needed R&R. Got any gaming plans?

I’m working with my good friends and fellow bloggers The Buttonsmashers, freelancing a review for Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition on PS4. It’s a top-down action RPG where you help the evil swamp witch Metallia spread her green sludge across a contested forest by hacking and slashing everything in your path.

Rather than do this herself, she’s summoned you, the legendary Hundred Knight, to do her bidding… which is apparently code for “treats you like shit.” Seriously, she’s one mean ass witch.

I don’t want to go in to too much detail before the review, but I’ll say that I’m really enjoying the combat system and its accompanying loot variety a hell of a lot more than the characters or dialogue.

With any luck though, I’ll be hitting Witch and the Hundred Knight pretty hard this weekend and begin fleshing out my review.


Last night I decided to “check out” Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment on PS4. 5 hours later my controller was about to die and it was 8 in the morning.

I picked it up during a sale a while back, but never got around to playing it. I’ve said it before, but as an MMO player I really enjoyed the anime, and as a fan I’m definitely enjoying Re: Hollow Fragment thus far.

I like how it captures the feel of the show, taking the cast back to Aincrad in some form of alternate ending to the original story arc.

*SPOILERS* Rather than Asuna and Kirito succumbing to Heathcliff before Aincrad crumbles, Kirito defeats him in combat all neat-and-clean like on floor 75. The game isn’t over though, and as your companions travel up to the 76th floor, something locks them out of the previous floors altogether and draws in Leafa from the 2nd arc.

So basically you play this pseudo open-world VRMMORPG with a bunch of familiar faces and a new end-goal of reaching floor 100. There’s shitloads of side-quests, dialogue, crafting, stat management, and skill trees to play around with, which is a lot more vast than I anticipated for a game based on an anime. And I’m loving it.


My go-to handheld game right now is Criminal Girls: Invite Only, which is a fairly solid JRPG on the Vita. The name sounds a little… weird, but the premise is all about helping a group of female prisoners escape hell in order to redeem themselves.

Sure, there’s fanservice and creepy mini-games, but its take on turn-based combat is pretty refreshing. Rather than controlling each of the girls individually, they shout orders at the beginning of each encounter (based on which abilities you’ve unlocked) and you have to pick and choose which best fits the given scenario.

For instance, one may know an ice spell that the current target is extremely weak against, but unless they tell you they want to use it you’re stuck siding with one of the other three party members instead. You can only side with one girl each turn, making every decision feel pretty significant.

If you can get over the anime girl fanservice, there’s a really fun JRPG to be had with this one on the Vita. I was hesitant to pick it up, but it’s been one of the more enjoyable light-hearted games I’ve played in a while.

What about you folks? What are you playing this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

  1. Otomes. Lots and lots of otomes. As dorky as they are, they’ve actually done a number in reducing my stress levels.

    My backlog is so full that I have no idea where to even begin. I DID finally get through a run of Journey and I’m probably going to go through it again. I also need to level my side classes in FFXIV now that I’ve got my main class over 200 iLevel. And I’m going through Victor Frankenstein’s route in Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth.

    At this point I’m just winging it. I’ll figure out something to play after I finish the initial errands tomorrow with the roommate. My backlog is split between games that can be completed in under five hours, and games that require 30+ hours. There is no inbetween.

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    1. Nothing wrong with otomes. I’ve been eyeing up Steins;Gate hoping for a sale.

      Totally understandable on the backlog front. Somehow we managed to finish Fallout 4, so when it came time to pick something else I just stood there like a deer in headlights. I have some smaller games to run through, but I wasn’t in the mood for any of them.

      Rather than pick something based on length, I finally started Tales of Zestiria (which is fucking AWESOME btw) and got back in to Criminal Girls after side-tracking it for Four in February stuff.

      As soon as I finish this review of Witch and the Hundred Knight, I want to mop up all the side content in Zestiria and finish off the finale where I left off.

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      1. I won’t lie, I still need to start Zestiria, especially before Berseria finishes development. I just keep getting caught up with small things.

        But I am proud that I knocked Journey out of my backlog. That one was in there since it came out.


  2. I’ve been addicted to Warframe again. I just got back into the game and farmed the new Warframe, Inaros, and so far I’m wreaking everything that dares to cross my path.

    I started another new playthrough of Fallout 4, but I’m not heavily invested in it. I might play it this weekend if I can get through Rise of The Tomb Raider.

    Most of my time is most likely going to go to The Division. I’m really loving that game right now and I can’t wait to play it again tonight.


    1. I liked what I played of Warframe, but I never got super in to it. Not sure why. It’s not like it does anything wrong, and it’s fun as hell to play with friends, but I always get side-tracked with other stuff.

      My GF and I started a new FO4 character as well, this time focusing more on pistols, stealth, and hacking. Then she downloaded Stardew Valley and I haven’t seen her come up for air much lol. RIP.

      Division looks rad. Like, really rad. Might be our Summer break game, and hopefully it’ll be on sale by then since we need 2 copies.

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      1. I have about 500 hours in Warframe. I play for awhile and then take a break and then play some more lol. I really want stardew valley, but I’m going to wait for it since I have so many unfinished games already :)

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        1. I have maybe 20-25 total across PS4 and XB1, so nowhere near what you’ve invested.

          Unless you plan on putting aside even more games for the next 50-100 hours, I’d put the breaks on Stardew. There’s so much shit to do in that game. I think my GF just started to run out of things and she’s nearing the 80 or 90 hour mark.

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  3. The Division is the only game on my radar. Coming off of Destiny and its ongoing disappointment, this has been a game I was cautious about. After playing the betas I got excited about the game and so far it is pretty damn good.

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