Xbox Live’s Games With Gold for April Kicks Off with Wolf Among Us and Dead Space


I typically try and keep Games With Gold and Playstation Plus condensed down to a single post, but it appears Xbox has confirmed their April line-up a bit early following a “free” game flub on Xbox One.

Many users on Twitter posted screenshots of Telltale’s episodic adventure series Wolf Among Us appearing alongside March’s Games With Gold, leading many to believe this was an early indicator of what to expect the following month. Turns out they were right.

Xbox One owners get four games — two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 — thanks to backwards compatibility. April begins with the aforementioned Wolf Among Us on Xbox One and the terrific sci-fi horror title Dead Space on Xbox 360.

The middle of the month is a bit more interesting, however. Beginning April 16th, Xbox One owners can download one of the bigger exclusive titles in Sunset Overdrive. Microsoft pushed this one hard during their big presentations, but it’s safe to assume it failed to meet their sales expectations (selling just over a million units worldwide, according to VGChartz, but only 320k worldwide pre-price drop as of a year ago).

I really enjoyed what I played of it, though I wish the entire campaign was co-op instead of just the lame tower defense mode. I also didn’t care for the single save file, as there’s no way to start over without completely deleting your old save. Still, any excuse to get more folks on board is a good one.

Xbox 360 owners will receive Saints Row IV, which is interesting. For a game that already has a remaster available on Xbox One, I’m surprised to see the 360 version going backwards compatible.

Overall, not a bad month for Xbox fans. I already own all four games, so April’s a bust for me either way, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

2 thoughts on “Xbox Live’s Games With Gold for April Kicks Off with Wolf Among Us and Dead Space

    1. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve played any of the PSN Plus freebies. I tried Helldivers, and although I generally like twin-stick shooters, it felt like it was tailored for co-op. I only own one PS4 controller and don’t really play games online with other people, unless it’s an MMO.

      I planned on playing through the Grim Fandango remaster last month for Four in February, but never got around to it.

      It’s also been a while since I’ve gotten in to an XB1 GWG title, or receive something I didn’t already own. Killer Instinct S1 Ultra Edition was a great deal, since it’s normally $40, but I already picked up S1 at launch.

      I think the constant stream of lackluster digital games in general is making it harder to find things to get in to. The selection is overwhelming.

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