Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?


Things have been a little slow here at Cheap Boss Attack over the last few weeks, as I get closer and closer to the end of the semester. This week was spring break, and as much as I’d like to say I had a crazy time, it was mostly filled with running errands, watching opening day games for the Orioles and Nationals, catching up on TV via Hulu, and going out to see The Revenant (which was pretty great).

Now that the weekend is here, hopefully I’ll get a bit of gaming in.

Most of my free time has been split between Final Fantasy XIV and MLB The Show 16. My Dragoon is halfway through level 48, but I still have a long ways to go before I can step foot in to the new Heavensward content.

I’ve put aside my Orioles season in MLB to focus on other modes, mainly Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. Road to the Show is essentially The Show’s campaign mode, where you create a player and go through the motions of getting drafted, playing in the minor leagues, and eventually working your way up to the majors. It’s a faster paced mode, since you only control your created player, but there’s an RPG element that allows you to allocate training points to various statistical upgrades and equip gear that you’ve unlocked in the booster packs I mentioned last week.

Since I’ve subscribed to EA Access I’ve been playing things I’d normally stray from. I’ve gotten in to FIFA 15 and NHL 16 pretty heavily (both have similar RPG-style card collecting, deck building modes), and I can see myself investing in their annual releases in the future. More recently though, I decided to give Battlefield Hardline a shot.

I don’t do competitive multiplayer, but I’m not opposed to killing a weekend with a short, ham-fisted shooter campaign. Hardline is set up like a crime drama TV show, focusing more on stealth, police chases, and arresting criminals, than mowing down terrorists in another war-themed shooter. It’s surprisingly not terrible.

That about rounds out my weekend. What about you folks? What are you getting in to?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

  1. I’m only focusing on one game at the moment and that’s Dragon Age Inquisition. I want to power through the game this weekend so I can finally see how the deeproad/trespasser dlcs end. I’ve never played them.

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    1. Loved the core game, but never got around to any of the DLC that released afterward. I need to check EA Access on XB1 and see if the DLC is included, since it is on the PC’s Origin Access. If it is, I may have to hop in and give it a go.

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        1. Yeah, I double check and it’s definitely just the Digital Deluxe Edition on PC. I saw the fancy title and assumed it said Game of the Year Edition. The XB1 version on EA Access isn’t even the digital deluxe version =\.

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