Stealth Murder Game ‘Party Hard’ Heads to PS4/Xbox One April 26th.

When your noisy neighbors throw a party at 3am, it can be pretty annoying. The distracting glow of the neon lights keep you awake, as the windows shake to repetitive dance music. What’s a person to do? Well, murder, apparently.

From the team that brought you No Time to Explain, Punch Club, Divide by Sheep, Dungelot, Lovely Planet, Clustertruck, and the fresh-out-of-Early-Access SpeedRunners, tinyBuild is porting Pinokl Games’ stealth murderfest Party Hard to PS4 and Xbox One on April 26th.

Boasting a “very positive” Steam rating from its user base, Party Hard is all about blending in with the crowd (dance, have a drink, slice a throat or two), and killing as many crazed party goers as possible without getting caught. It’s not as simple as donning a mask and burying your trusty blade in to a skull either. Set traps, trigger SWAT invasions, summon a hungry bear, or (as seen in the trailer above) make a semi-truck paint the town red. Literally.

tinyBuild has a knack for developing and publishing games that sit outside the norm, and I love that about them. I was a huge fan of last year’s No Time to Explain on Xbox One, and watched my girlfriend play a pretty decent amount of Dungelot and Punch Club on PC.

Truth be told though, I wasn’t all that interested in Party Hard at first because I thought it was a local multi-player game, which I’m just not in to anymore. Imagine my excitement when I discovered it was a single-player experience.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s murder (dear FBI, I’m joking), so count me in.

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