PlayStation Plus May Lineup Revealed, and Yep, They’re Video Games

With Xbox recently revealing their Games With Gold lineup for the month of May, it was only a matter of time before Sony followed suit over at the official PlayStation blog. Let’s just say May isn’t going to excite fans on either console.

PlayStation 4 subscribers will receive city building sim Tropico 5, a brand new arcade racer in Table Top Racing: World Tour, and fast-paced arcade game Switch Galaxy Ultra (thanks to cross-buy).

Tropico 5 is a pretty big game, currently retailing for $35 over at Amazon, but the city building sim definitely caters to a small crowd on consoles. With Sony offering Housemarque’s Dead Nation and Resogun as PSN Plus games in the past, I was surprised when Alienation didn’t appear in next month’s line-up.

PSN subscribers on PlayStation 3 will receive 2007’s “interactive screensaver” game LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, along with Bionic Commando Rearmed 2.

And although we Vita fans are used to being snubbed, next month offers Switch Galaxy Ultra (which is cross-buy with PS4), along with PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparda.

Now Ghost of Sparda is a fantastic game, it really is, but with a full library of digital titles, why would Sony offer a PSP game? You don’t see PS2 Classics on the PS3 list, or Xbox One counting 360 backwards compatible titles as one of their two (four, technically) Xbox One Games With Gold offerings, so why is this a thing?

My girlfriend loves the Tropico series, and while I know I’ll give the games a fair shot, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by May’s incentives on either console.

4 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus May Lineup Revealed, and Yep, They’re Video Games

  1. I have never played Tropico before so I am looking forward to May. Hopefully the racing game is fun because back in the day I liked playing Micro Machines.

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    1. Like I mentioned in the post, my GF *loves* Tropico on PC. Hopefully you enjoy it!

      The racing game looks like Super Toy Cars, which had promise but ultimately kinda sucked. Looks interesting, and if the Trophies are easy I’ll stick with it even if it’s bad lol.

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