Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

Renowned poet and all around swell dude R. Kelly once said “it’s the freakin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun!” and if Ignition taught us anything, it’s that it’s totally okay to spend your life indoors, posting memes, and playing video games. So what’s on your agenda?

I should have Severed finished tomorrow, with its review going up some time in the next 48 hours. After that I’ll be diving in to Salt and Sanctuary or Stories on PS4, before taking the massive 40+ hour plunge with Stranger of Sword City.

Lately though I’ve mostly been playing World of Warcraft, prepping my roster of characters for the upcoming Legion expansion. I committed yesterday and pre-ordered Legion through Battle.net, using the free level 100 boost on a Night Elf Warrior.

All 11 of my Horde characters are 91+, so using the boost on one of them felt like a waste. I’ve been wanting to see how the Alliance side of the story plays out in Draenor anyway, and I mained a female Night Elf Warrior back in Burning Crusade, so in a weird way I just did some gaming necromancy and brought her back from the dead.

Since I still have a few characters I want to level through Draenor with, my girlfriend and I decided to work on the flying achievement and make the process a bit easier. It’s a little time consuming, with minor loremaster achievements, daily quests, and the usual rep grind requirements, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

That’s about all I have planned, aside from catching up on this week’s The Edge & Christian Show on WWE Network and WWE Smackdown on Hulu. What about you?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

  1. Once again, I’ll be working. (Also it’s Mother’s day, so happy Mother’s day moms!) But lately I’ve just been addicted to Rogue Stormers. Every time I play, I inch my way ever so closer to the end. But it’s so fun. The couch coop is great. Other than that, I may get in some R6 Siege, and Splatoon. I’ve neglected those awhile now, and my skills have likely deteriorated. Meaning my brother in law will probably clown my ass.

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