Free Minecraft Update Makes Wii U the Best Console Version of All Time.

On May 17th, Nintendo will be partnering with developer Mojang to bring a free Super Mario Bros. update to Minecraft on the Wii U. Skin packs are nothing new to Minecraft, but they usually have a cost associated with them.

Even on Xbox One, the home of Microsoft (who acquired Mojang for brazillions of dollars), users pay out of pocket to re-skin their games in the likes of Halo or Mass Effect, but Super Mario Bros is arguably the most attractive cross-over to date.

And it’s free.

The update includes plenty of Nintendo familiars to choose from, like Waluigi (everyone else is unimportant, because Waluigi), as well as new music, themes, and neat in-game features like bouncy cloud blocks.

It’s like having Mario Maker in your Minecraft. And as someone who owns Minecraft on PC, Vita, 360, Xbox One, Kindle, and PS4, I think this might be enough to warrant the purchase of the Wii U version as well. Maybe.

What’s interesting (as pointed out in the link above) is that Microsoft owns Mojang, and Mojang is partnering with Nintendo for this brilliant cross-over. So in a weird way, Nintendo and Microsoft are shaking hands and hoping to make a shitload of money in the process.

Nintendo has nothing new lined up for the Wii U for the remainder of 2016, and with NX confirmed for March next year this may be the push Nintendo needs to help drag their current-gen console along in the meantime. Then again, Minecraft coming to Vita was supposed to do the same thing.


2 thoughts on “Free Minecraft Update Makes Wii U the Best Console Version of All Time.

  1. I would like to correct something you mentioned when you said the Wii U isn’t getting anything new for the rest of this year. It’s actually getting a few games and I’m sure more of them will be announced at E3. There’s a Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei game planned for July I think and don’t forget about Mighty Number 9 too. I know that last one isn’t exclusive, but it counts :].


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