Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

It’s been an incredibly long week, and with visiting family leaving today I decided to jump in to Hitman Go: Definitive Edition on PS Vita to clear my head. It’s a neat puzzle game, and definitely not at all what I expected.

I’ve never been a huge Hitman fan, so it’s odd that the one game that’s not so Hitman-like is actually the one that’s drawn me to the series. Now I’m tempted to grab the HD trilogy on PS3 while it’s only $4.

I’ve also been playing a good amount of Stories: Path of Destinies on PS4 (also available on PC), which I reviewed earlier this morning. It’s a really fun Zelda/Bastion-style game, but the story plays out like a choose your own adventure novel. Really cool stuff.

I picked up Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Dark Souls 3, and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on PS4 a few days ago, but I don’t think I’ll get to them this weekend. I also rented Doom from Red Box to check out the campaign, liking how fast and fluid it was, but returned it before finishing it up. It’s a fun game, just not what I wanted to play at that exact moment in time.

Chances are this weekend I’ll just stick with Hitman Go on Vita and maybe piddle around in World of Warcraft. The girlfriend and I unlocked the ability to fly in Draenor (thanks to a good friend of ours), so leveling alts has been a breeze. We’re basically leveling from 90-100 by flying around Draenor, picking up treasures, and completing optional objectives. Easy peasy. So far I’ve managed to get my Worgen Shadow Priest and Night Elf Moonkin to 100 in a handful of hours.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

  1. My wife and I completed Salt and Sanctuary today and we immediately started another run of the game. It’s really good and I doubt I’ll be playing anything else this weekend. I might jump into Homefront The Revolution too if I get tired of playing Salt and Sanctuary :].

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  2. My goal is to finish ME2 before May’s up, but I’ve not had too many hours to spend. Hopefully I’ll have more time next week.
    I also really want to play old Neverwinter Nights, but don’t have a computer for it… le sigh.

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        1. The MMO follows a lot of the characters from Forgotten Realms, so it’s pretty sweet if you’re in to the series. All of the expansions are free, and the latest one has a new storyline surrounding Drizzt as the Underdark.

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      1. It really is super fun even in its Dark Souls difficulty. The beer is my personal favorite. Really glad the brewery had that crazy overstock sale. I bought a whole case for myself. It’s bitter, and hoppy. Which you’d expect being an IPA. But it’s also a bit citrusy on the back end since they use peels, along with the myriad of different hops they use. If you can get to Connecticut for ConnectiCon or the Retro World Expo one of these years it’s worth picking some up. The former is actually in Hartford not that far from the brewery. Every year I make the drive to the con, I go there one night for dinner. Food is great.

        While Rogue Stormers isn’t on console (yet) You can get BFGs previous game, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams on just about everything. The PS4 version, and Wii U version also saw physical releases. Though for some reason the Wii U version costs double. Though you can walk in to a Toys R Us to get it. PS4 version is up on Amazon. Giana Sisters is probably going to be a collector’s item too. Even if highly challenging platformers aren’t normally your thing, get it while you can.

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