Downwell Now Available on PS4 and PS Vita w/ Cross-Buy

Minimalist vertical Spelunky-like Downwell took mobile devices and PC by storm last year, ending up on many Game of the Year lists. I tried it myself and gave it an honorable mention, so yeah, it’s good and you should definitely play it.

Today, Downwell-mania is running wild on PS4 and PS Vita for $4.99, with cross-buy support for both consoles. While most games clarify that cross-buy is supported on their store page, there was nothing of the sorts for Downwell. However, the game’s publisher Devolver Digital did confirm with me via Twitter that cross-buy is, indeed, a thing.

And let me tell you, the Vita version is amazing and may be the best $5 I’ve spent all year. I’m sure the PS4 version is fine too, and it does have this neat little touch where the color of the game changes the color of your DualShock 4’s light, but this game is definitely at home on Sony’s handheld.

If you’re unfamiliar with Downwell, it’s a simple concept where your chubby little dude falls down procedurally generated wells and kills things with gunboots. The gunboots not only act as a method of blowing shit up, but slow your descent as well. Tactics and stuff, right?

It’s fucking hard. Like, really hard. But it’s good! Like, really good. The soundtrack is also catchy, so that helps with all the dying somehow.

Any interest in Downwell?

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