June’s Xbox Games With Gold Line-up is Pretty Damn Great

Microsoft confirmed their Games With Gold line-up for June earlier today, and it’s a meaty beast.

Xbox One owners will receive four games, two of which are backwards compatible from Xbox 360. Coffee Stain Studios’ Goat Simulator will be available all month long, with Ubisoft’s open-world racer The Crew replacing last month’s Costume Quest 2 on June 16th.

The Xbox 360 offering is perhaps the most impressive, with 2D platforming masterpiece Super Meat Boy available during the first half, and critically acclaimed strategy RPG XCOM: Enemy Unknown taking over on June 16th.

I’m in one of those weird spots, where part of me is extremely happy for anyone who doesn’t own these games, and the other part is like.. fuck.. I have all four of these already. Can’t win ’em all, but hot damn, that’s a great line-up next month.

17 thoughts on “June’s Xbox Games With Gold Line-up is Pretty Damn Great

  1. The only game on the list that’s really impressive in my opinion is Enemy Unknown, but I already own both of them on PC.

    Did you ever get around to playing Dark Souls 3 or finishing Salt and Sanctuary?


      1. I’ll stick to Yoshi, Ori, and now Salt and Sanctuary :]. I actually finally got my review up of it. I’m still nowhere near through with the game though. I started a mage build the other day.


        1. Sweet, I’ll check the review out when I get back home. It’s definitely next on my list to finish and review. I got that, Stranger of Sword City, Neon Chrome, and Party Hard review codes around the same time, so it got lost in the shuffle early on. Plus I want to review Hitman Go, Downwell, and Quantum Break, which I paid for myself.

          Ori was great. I still need to do the $5 Definitive Edition upgrade to check out the DLC. I have Meat Boy on my Vita, and its difficulty makes it perfect for short on-the-go bursts, but I’m not sure how long I’d play it on console or PC.


          1. I think I would enjoy Super Meat Boy on handhelds more then PC. There are too many other games I would rather play on PC and I would never get around to it.

            That’s a impressive list of games you’re trying to power through. Good luck with that :].

            Right now I’m working on Homefront: The Revolution and I plan on reviewing the upcoming Blood and Wine expansion, but that’s about it until Mirror’s Edge releases. I do plan on going through my backlog of games and reviewing those.

            I, sadly, probably won’t ever get Quantum Break because I don’t like dealing with Microsoft’s dumb Windows Store app…


            1. I hear Quantum Break runs like boiled dog shit on PC anyway, so you’re not missing out there, I don’t think.

              I saw Homefront in stock at Red Box, so I’ll probably rent that once I clear out a few things. Looking forward to your review on that one.

              I loved Witcher 3, but I never got around to the first DLC pack. One day.

              I never played Mirror’s Edge, but I heard a lot of great things about it. It’s $5 on 360 during this week’s Deals With Gold sale, and it’s backwards compatible, so maybe I’ll pick it up for a rainy day.

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              1. I’m really looking forward to the next Mirror’s Edge game. It looks really good imo.

                Homefront is better then I thought it would be, but it’s not worth full price. I am enjoying it though.


                    1. The only thing it really games from Crysis is the weapon modifications. You fan mod your weapons on the go. I turned my crossbow into a flamethrower :).


                    2. Nice :). And yeah it’s like that. I turned my assault rifle into a grenade launcher and blew up a tank. The game is not perfect, but it’s good imo.


  2. I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Crew – looking forward to that. And May’s offerings were outstanding.


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