PSN Plus Titles for June 2016 Announced Today

Xbox confirmed their Games With Gold line-up for June a week ago, and earlier today Sony followed suit with their PSN Plus announcement over at the official PlayStation blog.

I can confidently say it’ll be a great month for incentive titles (since I refuse to use the term “free games”) across both platforms, but toward the bottom I’ll get in to one little quirk that I hope isn’t a trend moving forward.

PlayStation 4 owners will have access to the critically acclaimed narrative game Gone Home: Console Edition. The PC version was one of my favorite games during its release year, and I’ll definitely dive back in for the trophies (although there’s no platinum…). I doubt Gone Home will have the same impact the second time around though.

Perhaps the biggest announcement is that NBA 2K16 will be included next month, just in time for the NBA finals. The NBA 2K series consistently charts on NPD every month after its release, and 2K surely doesn’t need PSN Plus to expand its player base, so this is a HUGE win for PlayStation. I’m sure anyone interested in 2K16 already has it, but 2K17 isn’t scheduled to release for another three months anyway. This is a great opportunity for 2K to wheel in new fans.

PlayStation 3 owners will have access to all 12 episodes of the survival horror title Siren: Blood Curse, which normally bundles for $19.99. The original Siren on PS2 was a lot of fun, despite being ridiculously challenging, so I look forward to checking this out in June.

The other PlayStation 3 title is the monochromatic optical illusion puzzler Echochrome, which looks like an interactive M.C. Escher exhibit.

PlayStation Vita owners will have access to Little Deviants, which intimately uses the Vita’s hardware (camera, microphone, mic, six-axis, touch screens, etc.) to do… something with monsters. I don’t know, I’ve never played it and the store page is unsurprisingly vague.

Now here’s where things get a little interesting.

May’s PSN Plus offering opted to remove a Vita title in favor of the PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta. With so many Vita games to choose from, I found it odd that PlayStation would rather include a PSP title instead of their current, yet often forgotten handheld.

It appears this month is no different, as the other Vita game in next month’s PSN Plus line-up is none other than the PSP title God of War: Chains of Olympus.

I get it, a new God of War will most likely be revealed at E3 in June, but of all the recent indies to land on Vita in the last month or two, why opt to give another PSP title? Especially when both PSP titles in the God of War series have already been remastered in HD for PS3. Couldn’t Sony have just skipped a lackluster PS3 title and offered that instead?

Either way, June’s PSN Plus line-up is looking great. NBA 2K16 is a huge addition, and I can’t wait to revisit Gone Home on PS4. Siren: Blood Curse on PS3 is a pleasant surprise as well.

What do you think?

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