Watch Dogs 2 Actually Looks Fun

After a couple of “leaks,” perhaps done by the hand of Ubisoft themselves (clever “hacker” marketing?), Watch Dogs 2 premiered earlier today with a nearly 19 minute documentary video. In it, developers discuss the feedback they received from the original game, how they wanted to improve it, and the various new directions they want to take Watch Dogs 2.

There’s also a bunch of gameplay that looks legitimately entertaining.

I had a pretty good time playing around in the open world of Chicago, namely the digital trips and causing general chaos, but Watch Dogs floundered with its character design, writing, and moment-to-moment gameplay. I’m already far more interested in Watch Dogs 2.

Newcomer Marcus Holloway can 3D print weapons, pilot a drone and RC car, hack cars and phones, parkour like he’s an Assassin (cross-over confirmed?), and gets a pretty slick melee weapon that the developers found in a DIY video online. I also really dig the retro horror/sci-fi aesthetic of the Dedsec propaganda.

It seems overall less serious than the original Watch Dogs, but that could have to do with Aiden Pearce having no emotion whatsoever. I’ve seen a lot of trash talk concerning the new trailer, but I’m genuinely excited to play Watch Dogs 2. It kind of feels like a modern day take on the 90’s film Hackers, which is one of my top 5 movies of all time.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled to release November 16th, with a few different versions to pick from.

Color me intrigued. Thoughts?

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