Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

With E3 2016 behind us, it’s time to dig in to some video games that are actually available to play (in my best E3 voice) RIGHT NOW!

So what’s on your agenda this weekend?

My girlfriend and I played through the new Resident Evil 7 demo, which I thought was great. I’m loving the shift in design and I think it’s that something new the series needed after releasing a batch of mediocre games and spin-offs over the last 10 years. Sure, it’s clearly inspired by P.T., but it reminded me so much of the original Resident Evil in terms of environmental storytelling. The cabin felt just as much a part of the world as the Spencer Mansion did back in 1996.

I’m currently working my way through Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on PS4, since it just arrived from GameFly. I really liked The New Order, and The Old Blood seems to be more of that (which is fine). I hear there’s some weird horror elements in the final acts, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Still surprised Bethesda didn’t confirm a new Wolfenstein during their E3 presser, but there was a teaser in the DOS file trailer for Quake Champions that mentioned a filed called The New Colossus. Fingers crossed!

I also rented Nights of Azure from GameFly, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Any other time I’d be fine mowing through a mediocre RPG, but I just did that with Arcania: The Complete Tale and I’m just not interested in spending the next 20 gaming hours wishing I was playing something else.

Mega Man Legacy Collection just shipped out today. Can’t wait to relive my childhood and show myself how much better I used to be at video games as a kid.

I started clearing out my PS4 backlog by playing Grim Fandango Remastered before GameFly stuff arrived. I’ll probably jump back to that after The Old Blood.

I also cleaned up my Xbox One HDD to make room for the games I want to play sooner rather than later — namely Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Nuts & Bolts, both Viva Pinata games, Perfect Dark, and brought back Killer Instinct as my go-to time waster.

I sold some games on eBay and picked up Mortal Kombat XL for $30 and the deluxe Resident Evil Origins collection for $27. I’ve already put 150+ hours in to Dragon Age Inquisition on Xbox One, but I grabbed the PS4 version for $6 just in case the season pass goes on sale on one, but not the other. Used the rest of my sale money on Megadimension Neptunia VII since it was $12 at 80% off.

I played a lot of Mortal Kombat X on Xbox One, but it was only a rental so I never grabbed the season pass characters. As a life-long horror fan, it felt surreal to hop in and battle Leatherface and Jason Voorhees. I can definitely see myself putting another 30+ hours in to this again.

What about you? Got any weekend gaming plans?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?

Add yours

  1. With all the E3 excitement, I ended up redownloading Assassins Creed Black Flag to get on the high seas after seeing Sea of Thieves by Rare. Also plan on getting some time back in Rocket League as it never disappoints. If I’m lucky I might throw in some Civ V because seeing Civ VI has me itching for some turn based action.

    I never looked into Wolfenstein as it had middling reviews. Is it something worth checking out?


    1. Black Flag is definitely my favorite AC, mostly because I liked the sailing segments so much. Great choice!

      If you like single-player shooters both Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood are definitely worth a play through. Both have great gameplay, loads of action, and pretty cool stories.


        1. The New Order is a full retail game and takes roughly 12 hours to beat, but The Old Blood was a stand-alone pseudo-sequel and I took it out in about 5 hours or so. I’m not sure where you’re located, but my local Red Box always has The Old Blood in stock. Not sure how much The New Order is going for, but it was definitely worth its full $60 at launch. Whatever it costs, it’s worth it.


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