Red Dead Redemption Playable on Xbox One Starting Friday

A while back Rockstar’s open-world western Red Dead Redemption was downloadable and playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility, though not under any normal circumstance — users had to view a specific profile, compare games, and access the game’s store page through a back door.

The joy didn’t last long, as Xbox was quick to remove access altogether, but we all knew deep down that Red Dead Redemption was coming to backwards compatibility… at some point.

That point is this Friday.

This apparently excited folks, with Amazon reporting a 6,000% sales increase after the announcement. The game is also currently on sale digitally on Xbox 360 for $7.50, which I assume is no coincidence.

Now this is where I’ll lose a follower or two: I’ve never played Red Dead Redemption. Ever. I picked it up on PS3 with the Undead Nightmare stand-alone, and again on Xbox 360 last year during a sale for $5. Thankfully I bought it digitally on Xbox, so it’ll show up in my downloads this Friday.

I guess I have no excuses now, right?

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